In sharing the space together over a period of a few days there is an energy that establishes itself. It belongs to no one in particular and yet each one contributes to its manifesting. It is a field of energy that takes what is no longer required and reveals new information. It is a field of energy that is well known but little understood in Quantum Science. The building up and accessing of this field happens all on its own. Once touched it is realised to be very real and not imaginary. The Truth of what we are can only be shared through friendship, laughter and Love.


Avasa occasionaly holds talks (traditionally called satsang) in which beyond the play of questions and answers is possible to share consciusly the Silence of your Being.

Avasa holds retreats few times a year in which is possible to go deeper in the sharing of awakening. We have energy dancing twice daily and a talk in the morning and evening. The afternoon consists of exercises in seeing what ones true Self is and discussions on what is revealed. Generally retreats last between 7 to 10 days, but one can also choose which days to come. The talks are open to the public and take place at 11.00am-1-00pm and 9.00pm until midnight and beyond if necessary. These times and this structure can change according to how the energy of the retreat moves.

This a sharing in friendship, I am not a guru or a teacher and I have no, and do not wish to have, any disciples or pupils. What is being shared here is my own perception of my own experiences of Life, anything that is expressed in my name, in which ever way it is communicated, whether through my talks in person or on CD or DVD or on my website in writing is simply a statement of what I find to be true for myself. If in the hearing of this you find something that you can relate to, that resonates for you, that is your experience, it is your own interpretation of what I am saying and I am in no way responsible for what is essentially yours and how you make use of that interpretation. There is no wish or intention in this sharing to influence anyone else or change their lifestyle. I am not an authority on someone else’s life and how they think they should live it. Any response or reaction to what is shared is therefore one’s own responsibility.

Avasa (Adrian Meyers)