Fear of death

I would like to ask you why I do have fear of dying and the staying eternally in the nothingness as when one does sleep. It makes me afraid.

If your attention was rested on what you truly are and not on what you have been led to believe that you are, which is NOT what you are, the fear of death would subside in the seeing that you are timeless, unborn and therefore unable to die.
The fear of death is not present and cannot be until the attention of Awareness comes to rest on the body/mind and forms an identification with it.
What you are is not describable as it is NOT a thing, it is absent of thing-ness. As awareness you are not anything that the senses can focus on or describe as you are that which the senses hand their information of experiences over to, you as this One are neither existing nor non-existing, you are just BEING itself prior to anything created. You are always home and going now where, just watching the play of time.
Take a look for yourself as ONLY you are the authority in this ……. you SEE the body, you SEE that play of energy that we call mind, what are you that SEES?
Much Love Avasa

in which sense?
because time ago i had an accidentwith the car when i was 18 and now im 27.
and before waking upi remained for ten minutes in that state and i did not see anything and now thinking to remain like that makes me afraid,

You were in this Awareness for 10 minutes and you STILL are, the only difference is that your attention is on the appearance of the world again and not on the Awareness alone. When the body/mind was temporarily not able to function correctly the attention returned home naturally to its source, which is what happens at the moment of the death of the body, and also in deep sleep.
The world then some time later reappears and the attention goes to the objectivity and identification happens. The world reappears as it does each day in your experience OUT of this Awareness, this Awareness is ALWAYS present whether the body/mind is alive or dead.
What tends to happen is that the Awareness when the waking state is present ceases to be conscious of itself in most cases and overlooking itself it becomes unfamiliar. When awakening, satori, happens it is this that stands out and is no longer overlooked and is recognized to be what one is and so the fear of death that can only be present when the attention is on the form is no longer present.
In that 10 minute period there was no fear but it returned later when the attention again was focused on the body/mind.
Once the Awareness is located, in a sense, more and more time is naturally spent including it in on the deal of Life and living, ceasing to overlook this that is doing the looking.Being conscious of this that is ever-present witnessing evrything including itself is enlightenment. One no longer believes one’s self to be a thing because it is obvious in each and every moment that one is nothing and as this one is going nowhere, becoming nothing, just being.
With Love Avasa

What it is shared here is a completely radical and uncompromising message. It has no prescriptions and does not suggest anything to do at all. It does not ask you to be a particular way, but rather that you are not required to be at all.

It speaks about what has always been present and is right now but it was and is completely overlooked. It tries to describe a paradox.

When we are born the sense of separation between the body and whatever surrounds it is not present, then after a few years the identity arises and everyone around you will confirm to you that you are a real person, with free will and choice, that you have to work hard to become worthy, satisfied… you have to make your life work. A feeling of contraction is present and it becomes the centre by which all thoughts, emotions and actions seems to arise from.You are now someone and life is happening to you, you have to defend yourself with threats, you seek pleasure and avoid pain. You really believe that you can do all of these things. We become seekers, looking for something that can fullfill a subtle dissatisfaction, a subtle but deep sense of lack. What this message describes is that the belief of having an identity, a separate me amongst separate others in a separate world is an illusion. There is no one and there never was. Everything just happens and there is no one ever in control of anything.

There is no one right now reading this even if something there is strongly convinced that this is not the case. There is just THIS and it is NOTHING appearing as THIS. This cannot be understood or grasped by the me, but something can resonate there as this is the real nature of what is. In THIS ALL-NESS everything can arise, even the sense that separation is real, and that sense can fall away. There is no need or cause for that to happen. The illusion can remain until death or it can collapse right now.
When this is seen (by no-one) it becomes clear that what we were longing for all along has never gone away. There is just everything and nothing. THIS is pure joy, love and freedom.

Emotions, thoughts, feelings can still arise then in This, but they are not owned by a separate someone. There is no personal suffering any-more, there is just a flow of energy.
The seeing of THIS is not an experience that you can make happen by doing, because in this seeing you won’t be there. THIS does not belong to anyone.

The seeing of THIS, the so called awakening, liberation or enlightenment, can or cannot happen. There is no direction or purpose in LIFE. There is no-one there that can do anything about it. Even when an imagined you feels hopeless and helpless there is only hopelessness and helplessness happening.