The realization of our true nature brings with it radical changes in every aspect of life. Body, mind, relationships, the whole world is transformed and processed in the emptyness from which the being takes shape, in which everything is and that I am.

If you want to share your experience and the change happened after having listened the
message of Avasa contact us.

This night happened all that could happen! Yesterday i literally escaped from the retreat: I reached my limitations, in tireness and emotions. The travel back home has been accompanied by tears and anguish, in a pure state. Then this is what happened… I woke up suddenly at 3 am in the morning, overwhelmed by clarity. I saw the light through the shades of my room, i even looked out to understand…the light was definitely inside me, and outside was night. One thousand thoughts arose without me thinking them, i cannot do anything, it not depending upon me, i have no guilt, it is all ok, if now the form is Daniele is ok, if the forms are my mother and father, it is all ok. Everything is right, and if it will want to change and it right that the change happen, it will occour despite me. As this was not enough, on a certain moment what i saw happening in the retreat – with wonder and disbelief and with the surity that it could have been NEVER happening to me – it took me: I started shaking!! At 4.00 in the morning in my bed in the attic in liguria i started jumping as a cricket, i could not believe it!… It went on for an hour at least, and I dis not have any FEAR, would you believe it? I feel that there is no way back. I could not make any questions ( there was one huge on fear death and love). Much love to everybody!
Rebecca, 18.08.2014

I wasn’t supposed to go to the retreat. I was so skared! Then I found myself exactly there.

A huge wave of love overwhelmed me. Unexpectedly.
So strong and gentle to wake all my feelings up
and throw me back where not even nothingness exists.
Lucky me! Thank you life for bringing me there.
I was nearly loosing it!
Echo Angela, 4.11.2013

Hello my Love,

the most appropriate adjective to define the last retreat is clarity. Whereas before I felt it, now I see….
I see this body in a good movie, ready to jump over and trust, opening and clarity are with me,
I haven’t got any fears, and I feel soft.
Thank to you, during every single retreat, I have felt fear burning up,  a lot of fears, one after the other, a parade,  letting all rigidity passing by.
All this happens because it’s full of love and awarenees  that you radiate constantly.
See you soon, my beloved dancer

Life made me meet Avasa, now I have clear understanding that “my” decision to make it happen it had nothing to do with it .

Avasa is not a “master” definable with words. He does not love to be defined in any way. The master is me, it is the one who is reading this comment itself. It is in this direction that Avasa’s message points to. It asks me simply to experience what in words is difficult to express. Meeting Avasa is meeting the TRUTH. It is hard to come out from a retreat with him and being the same than before. This comment is not an invitation to believe in these words but if these words are touching you it will be probable that sooner or later you will come as well to share this beautiful experience.
Nino Norrito, 9.5.2013


World spinning
And standing still
Moment to moment
Nothing to do
Watch and enjoy
Live life to the full.
Lila Ma, Retreat Casole d’Elsa May 2013

For me retreats are like the Russian roulette, where there is not a sum to bet on, where or you die or your carry on living as separate.

Kumudra, Retreat Casole d’Elsa May 2013

Starting to write with the desire to make the indescribable understandable. To who? To God! Now a child cries, now a laughter, my heart is in peace, nothing is like it seems. The realization to be God put the mind in peace. The “me” cannot do anything but what it does! The clouds cannot delete the sun. My heart is opening to what is! That full emptiness.

Anam, Retreat Casole d’Elsa May 2013

Openess, Love, Avasa. Thank you

Giampaolo, Retreat Casole d’Elsa May 2013

Meeting Avasa, meeting oneself and dissolve togheter. One.

Alessandro Oliva, Retreat Casole d’Elsa May 2013

Here there is only Gratefullness and Thanking for the consciouness that through Avasa and Shakti had allowed the Self to see the Self.

Narmada, Retreat Casole d’Elsa May 2013

Since I was a child, i used to visit graveyards. This is definitely the most astonishing ever visited.Chubby, Retreat Casole d’Elsa May 2013

I have met once again a precious friend,

Viola, Retreat Casole d’Elsa May 2013

It has been fantastic what “I have been teaching myself” and wonderful music: I did not think a such an harmonic and synphonic power was possible.

See you next time, a kiss!
Francesco Forcella, Retreat Casole d’Elsa May 2013

I feel really grateful for all of you do for Universe. People do create a better world and help to wake up from a deep dream.

Mariposa, Retreat Casole d’Elsa May 2013

Again, once again, I am present in your presence, dear Avasa, Shakti, Anando e friends of this moment, with the heart that is always nourished and therefore open to the beauty of Emptiness. Precious moments not to be forgotten!

This last retreat I have called it “The great alchemy”, the transformation of gold, silver and all precious metals in a empty space, Emptiness!
With Love,
Tara Luna, Retreat Casole d’Elsa May 2013

My seeking was so serious, the you arrived as I wanted you, a dive in a ocean of spontaneity! The playing started, everyday I observe the form dancing in endless ways, wonder, sparks more and more distant of disbelieve! Thy will be done! Now is gratefullness!

GrandMa, 2.04.2013

I highly recommend to attend the retreat. I can testify directly that something happens that changes the way you live, freeing the mind from restrictive patterns and fears that creep into it. The real living is free and full, it is sweet and full of joy, and this has been forgotten. The talks of Avasa don’t give you any knowledge or practice to follow, but simply point the finger at what you really are and that it was hidden.Your true nature is so full that it wants nothing more than to be joyful and peaceful.If your life is not so then maybe it’s the right time to give it a break and start to really have fun in this game of life.

Riccardo, 3.5.2012


You, damned murderer.
You invited, unaware ME, at the meeting.
On a brackish evening of February, in the village of the carnival, at a friend’s place, you were there, disguised in a Welsh form, ordinary but charismatic, crouched into rites new to me.

Close to you a maid, amiable and delicate in her italic form, with an harmless voice.
A worthy accomplice, still holding your dagger.
Now I know, damned truth, why I was sitting in the front row.

Then, the love.
Lost into you, like an adolescent at his first discovery of the forbidden fruit, which he can’t do without of anymore.
And since then you there, occupying all my apparent time, awkward guest in the house of my mind with your bulky cases.
I wish you’d wash up for once. Bitch.

Then, the poison.
Blinded with a mad love I can’t see that the chalice where I drink the nectar of joy from is poisoned.
But I drink, I drink anyway.
I know all the venoms, for each of them I have the right antidote: fear always works.

Then, the nothingness.
No, please, not that.
I don’t know that deadly poison.
Where did you find it ? You, bloody truth.
Hurry up ! The antidote, the fear !
But… what are you doing, crazy ! Are you playing with it ? Run away, or you will die !

Then, the agony.
I feel bad, too bad.
This time it is the last one, I can feel it.
You, murder, coward murderer.
I am like a fish just caught, desperately wiggling on the boat.

Then, the last hope.
Please, listen to me.
Isn’t maybe the Gaelic form a sympathetic fisherman ?
How could he kill one of his prey?
Please, throw me back into the warmish, comfortable waters of the ME !
I can pay you, I have some money saved!
We can find an agreement!
Please, hurry up, I am chocking!

At last, the surrender.
I can see it, it’s over.
Few details are left: the wreaths, the flowers, the mass.
By the way, where exactly is the cemetery ?
You know, it’s for my friends, they all have a navigator.
What are you saying ? Nobody will come ?
It’s a lie, you can’t imagine how many people knew me..
Enough, tell me the right address, please.
..Source road, number zero ?
But.. It doesn’t exist..
There is a message on the navigator display.
It is telling that there is no map, and there has never been one.
I don’t understand.
And in that moment, in a flash of lightning, everything is seen.
Chubby, 11/06/2011