Born in Wales to an English/French mother and a German/Indian father in November 1947, Avasa grew up as a countryboy.

Much of what was later to become his way of sharing came from his contact with nature and what he learned from his surroundings in those early childhood days.

Today also when not in the comapany of friends in talks and retreats most of his time is spent alone or with his partner Shikha and his daughter Daisy enjoying the natural life.

Leaving home at the age of fifteen, he went of to see the world by joining the British merhant navy, already very aware that he was seeking something that could not be found in the things he had already experienced.

At the age of twenty three, after a number of glimpses of Oneness during his youth, awakening took place. There was no spiritual practices or methods of any time nor the seeking of a guru/disciple relationship. Life was the path, if there was one at all, as far as he is concerned. The sharing began the same day as people began to be drawn to him in a natural way.

Today he travels in Europe holding talks where ever he is invited and retreats also in Italy.

The way of his sharing his definately not what one could call religious or spiritual, in fact he states very clearly that enlightenment is NOT spiritual but ordinary and nothing special. It is this amongst the many other things he says that makes his message so easy and available in a way that enables others to see also that what is stated to be true for himself is also true of themselves already.

“ We are all already and always have been One Being.”

In his talks, and most certainly during the retreats, this becomes clear through the joy and laughter of friends who too have realised and who delight in the sharing of it with others.

Not into the usual guru/disciple relationship, that as far as he is concerned creates a greater sense of seperation between people, he nevertheless is directly Advaita in his sharing, direct and to the immediate point.

All questions and attitudes and welcomed, sometimes answered in length and sometimes with a short joking reply, bringing the seeker quickly to see what is the truth of the moment.

He strongly criticises those who play the role of teacher, pointing out that they too are perfectly in line with Oneness, and encourages the meeting with those who are expressing from the same realisation that his words arise from.

The message is always fresh and new yet carries with it a time tested life experience of over forty years.

“This can only be truly shared in Friendship”.


What arrives THROUGH this form is not FROM this form.
It is a direct expression of Emptiness and, whether or not this is realized to be so,
it is directly TO Emptiness.