The Master Dreamer

In the Toltec tradition a human being is born into the dream of another human being who has reached a point of intuitive understanding that has given them the ability to redream the world. This one who has this ability is known as the Master Dreamer.

Such a one rearranges the dream of Life in such a way that the outer circumstances give greater ability for those alive at that time to realise their ability to become also a Master Dreamer.
The deepest desire of the one who becomes a Master Dreamer is to realise this ability to redream the world, the second desire is that all who are alive within the dream realise their ability to dream the the world.

The first step in this skill of dreaming the world is to realise that feelings and thoughts are the building blocks of what appears outwardly as the world. Once this is realised the skill of creating a new world appearance develops.
From the very begining of this initial realisation the redesiging of the world begins.
In this process one returns to ones natural state and regains the ability to see through the eyes of love, love then is the guiding hand that paints the new picture of the world.
The ability to dream a world in which all benefit is here as the result of all those who reached the position of Master Dreamer, both now and in the past.
Are you ready to drop all the beliefs that you have so far relied upon, which are all secondhand information, and begin to dream the world that you wish to see manifest?
This ability is yours right now, it is your birthright.

“Blessed are the dreamers for they shall inherit the world” J.C.

With much Love


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