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What has been seen appearing recently is a lot of emails and various other things on the internet in argument with what is thought to be the message of Advaita. It is however very clear that these arguments are NOT coming from the SEEING of what the advaitic message actually is but what it is THOUGHT to be, the two are utterly different things.

There are many claiming to know and understand who then also are in disagreement with those who clearly are in the SEEING. They are holding the conceptual aspect of the message and imagine that they have got it. I read a three way exchange by Tony Parsons with two other people on the site of Paula Marvelly where they were criticising what had been expressed in his book. Whatever Tony stated was met with “Yes but” and a load of concepts about “at the ULTIMATE LEVEL”.

This IS the ultimate level, it is the ONLY level and it is NOT a level , it is just THIS. This is all that there is.

I have seen endless arguments against those who share this message from people who are NOT in the SEEING of this. This arises from a misunderstanding of what is being shared.

Again yesterday I saw people misreading some of the things that Shakti had written on Facebook and on her blog and arguing in disagreement with what had been said and also with something shared by myself and again this “YES BUT” and “at the ULTIMATE level”.

It is perfectly normal and natural to approach the topic of Advaita through conceptual means BUT (a BIG but) do not imagine that it will ever be understood for it will not , it cannot. One can never become an expert on this message from those who are in the seeing of it. They themselves are not claiming to be holding anything that is an accumulation of an experience in time. UNDERSTANDING belongs to linear time and the advaita message is arising from the Eternal, not from time, not from infinity. Eternity and infinity are NOT the same thing at all. The one implies the absence of time and the other an almost endless continuation IN time.

This confusion in the use of words is often the cause of disagreement with what has been shared, this too is natural and part of the initial way of trying to understand this message. The words are not the thing! but neither is the experience prior to the words, for what is being expressed in the Advaitic message is prior even to any experience. When finally there is the leaving behind of these things and the stabilising in the seeing of this there is no understanding whatsoever and neither is it being experienced for these things are only possible when an imagined person is present.

Yesterdays arguement was not an uncommon one and was valid and sincere in reply to something that was written here and put on places that Shakti visits on the net. The”YES BUT” in this case was about the wars and horrors that are seen around us in the world at present which I totally agree are a representation of the sad state that humanity is in. This outer appearance is based from beginning to end on the IDEA of separation, it is the reflection of this horrific action in consciousness and therefore the dissolution of this separation concept will be the end of such atrocities.

Let us be clear about something in regards to such actions appearing, they will not come to an end whilst the concept of being a separate being remains. The answer therefore is NOT to try to change the outer appearance but ones view of one’s Self. To the degree that this can take place so too will the outer action of consciousness appear less separative and more compassionate.

The advaita message when shared is often imagined to be cold and without love because it is factual yet whenever the seeing of it is seen in others it is far from that. They are very compassionate and naturally loving beings but there has been an acceptance of the facts as they have been seen, things are as they are because they cannot be other than they are.

This does not mean that if one is present in a situation where it is possible to do something to alleviate suffering one does not do so for in the openness of this seeing all so called personal actions arise spontaneously and therefore in a loving manner from Love itself, for Love is what is prior to all action. The attitude of “Oh well its karma” is not the advaita message but the acceptance that things are the way that they are is, and the action to change things if one is in the immediate vicinity of a circumstance involving suffering also is. What is shared is not being done so with an attitude of dismissal. Compassion is a spiritual quality based on a deep understanding that arises from seeing and it gives rise to detachment. Indifference is based on the me concept, it is an egoistic protection from the imagined one who already is carrying too many weights to be able to bear the weight of yet another emotional reaction to what is being heard or seen regarding the suffering in the world, hence the refusal to take in on board that becomes indifference.

It may be very hard to believe but each and every human being at base is Love, we are naturally loving beings. It is the conditions of our outer circumstance that become out life experiences that bring us to turn our back on this Love. It is however the ONLY way that we can bring an end to the outer circumstance of pain and suffering that we see, Love is the answer. We must again know (not in the sense of understanding) our Self to BE this Love prior to all the actions that we see arising in consciousness. If it were possible (and it is) for all human beings to come to SEE that what lives through the human form, appearing AS it, and BEING the experience of the play of Life, is what they are then this madness in our world would end.

The first thing that arises upon hearing of another atrocity is emotion reaching out to those who have and are suffering what has taken place and this in the vast majority of cases is followed by a sense of helplessness, which then may give rise either to an action of desire to change the circumstance which manifests as doing something or falling into despondency. The former helps one to avoid feeling helpless and the latter throws one into identifying with it, neither change the situation. The answer here when the sense of being helpless arises is to simply do nothing! rest with it AS it and let it be fully felt and experienced. We have grown so used to avoiding such things as they arise that we imagine that NOT doing is something that we have to or can do. NOT DOING is doing nothing and this then allows the circumstance right there in that moment to be fully felt, when it is it may give way to an action of doing something but this will NOT be a reaction, it will be in direct RESPONSE to having fully felt the impact of the arising emotion. In this way one becomes emotionally connected to the world again as one was in childhood. As this emotional connection deepens the world changes. As one SEES and FEELS one’s Self to be all that is appearing so the appearance changes to reflect this. This reconnecting again emotionally with everything that appears is ONENESS.

When one finally awakens to the fact that there is One dreamer of this dream of Life and that one IS this One the dream takes on a very different quality, it changes to accommodate the awakening of all other human beings who are in fact no other than One Self (one’s Self).

There is no personal doer behind any of the so called personal actions, good or bad. There is however the seeing of this as a fact, of the imagining that action is personal, the image is what gives rise to the idea of separative action. We are all the Divine Being itself and if this is not seen clearly that area where it is not seen clearly will be reflected outwardly into our consciousness that appears as an apparent separate world OUT THERE. There is no OUT THERE and there is no INNER REALM, there is only THIS. THIS is all that there is.

THIS is appearing out of and upon the One that you truly are, awaken to this fact and the world that may initially appear to be separate from you will change and reflect your realisation. YOU are not the body or the mind, these actions are your ever-changing, temporary appearance. What you are is the Love that knows no sense of otherness prior to what appears as your experience.

If there arises an action to argue with what has been read here witness that action and stay present to it until it subsides and you will find that in fact not only do you agree with what has been written but that in fact you wrote it. It is YOUR message to yourSELF. Some will read and agree with it because already the emotional connection has begun or has already taken place, in which case Love is seen to be manifesting as understanding.

If however one is not able to remain with what arises in reaction don’t waste your time putting that reaction in an email, it will be manifesting in your world anyway as yet another form of separation and suffering appearing. There will be no reply from this form to your reaction and the venting of it will be your loss of opportunity to feel it to the point of touching this place prior to its appearance. All that is written here has arisen from the SEEING of this NOT from understanding OR MISunderstanding. Simply temporary action arising in, and from, permanent non-action.

To those of you who are Italian I know only a few words after all this time of sharing here in italy .

‘ Stai con la sensazione, le parole non sono importanti, la comprensione e` nel cuore.’

for those of you who read English.

‘Stay with the sensation, the words are not important, the comprehension is in the Heart.’

May these words touch you where you are the Love prior to all appearance.


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    1. Hey Amrit
      The expression of Love is what the apparent we feel as a flow between the forms. Where this flow comes from and goes to is what I is.
      When I is all is. I am you, you are me as this I.
      I is everything and nothing.
      love to love always

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