Love never insists

There is’nt anything you can do, you cannot go against this awakening and you cannot accelerate it. Questions arise because  somewhere on the intuitive level the mind knows that something is happening of which it itself is not in control. The mind cannot ever produce silence, the mind is product of silence and therefore cannot produce what has been precedent to itself. But occasionally the mind can become aware of the approaching of this presence and although this is the thing that the mind wants the very most it is also the thing that it fears the most. It is the same scheme, the same game when you are falling in love. You see that you want to fall in love and at the same time a major part of you wants to resist it taking place. What you desire the most is what you fear the most because intuitively you know that if you fall in Love you give yourself up to love and you dissolve. Seen that it is Love that creates the entire Universe, Love will always find its own way to be able to make it happen, be clear on this. Love never insists upon its own way because it itself knows that it will have its way, it does not need to insist. This is the beauty and the power of love.


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