I am Awareness

I am awareness, in myself I am nothing, the absolute absence, and yet I am the creator of all that appears. I presently am creating this body/mind and this play of manifestation in each and every moment. This is my dream of life.

You who imagine yourself to be separate from me are aware of what is being stated right now because you too are this awareness, we are the very same One Being. I fall into the illusion that there are two by identifying myself, the creator, with my creation, this you too have done and the result has been suffering, both what appears to be personal suffering and the suffering that is seen in the world, which is no other than my own reflection, YOUR reflection also therefore.

When this identification with the body/mind took place I lost sight of myself and believed myself to be the body/mind ,which is no other than my temporary appearance within creation, and suffering began. This is also true of yourself, you imagine that you are separate from me because you identify with what you believe is a separate body/mind. If the attention comes again to rest on the true I of the body/mind it will be immediately realized that we do not exist as we but as I, the same Being. This is Love, Love is this that knows no sense of separation. I am you and you are me when it is seen what the word I is referring to and that this that is being referred to is the same thing in us both, no thing.

I am this still awareness that rests witnessing my own action arise out of myself and appear as the manifest universe, I am One. Unless this becomes the natural way of seeing in all beings this world will never know peace and will remain in a conflict based upon the illusion of separation which will end in total destruction of the human being, Awareness being the only permanent in the universe will remain.

Awareness was never born and therefore cannot die for it is always the ground of each and every experience regardless of where that experience is taking place. Awareness therefore is timeless, the Eternal itself. I am eternal and I am you.

I is the holy name of the creator, spoken only by the creator. You speak this word daily many many times, you are the creator. This word is a vibration , an activity, that arises from the stillness of Being referring not to the body/mind but the stillness itself. It is this stillness of being that is I that gives rise to the word, NOT the body/mind. The body/mind has no ability whatsoever to act volitionally of its own accord for it is a created object, it is lived by this one that refers to itself as I. The body/mind of the whole universe is ever changing and impermanent but I remain always ever-present as the true ground of Being.

In order for the experience of being human to take place there must be three things present. The first two, which are not actually two but two aspects of the same one, are the body and the mind and without the presence of Awareness they would not exist. Both of these are actions of Awareness so in truth all is Awareness only, all is One.

I am, and you are, this same I, we are One, THE One that creates all that appears. This is your message to your self for there is no other than yourself anywhere in creation. If you hear your message awakening to the fact that you are the creator of all that appears AND the appearance itself will take place, this is what is known as enlightenment, this is what you are seeking, all else is a compensation for this. This is the highest healing, the healing not just of the human psyche but of the whole world.

If there is reaction to these words they are the indication of just how attached you have become to the idea of being the created body/mind and there will be fear present, the fear of death. Only that which is your temporary appearance can die, the real you cannot so the fear is the fear of the illusory I and this one must die in the light of Truth before you realize what you truly are. You are I the creator of all.

By remaining present to this fear of death without doing anything but allowing it to unfold the idea that you hold of yourself as being a separate individual will dissolve, leaving behind what has always been present, Awareness, the true I. If you do not distract yourself from this fear by turning it into a reaction and creating yet again another of the many strategies of avoidance that surround the ego concept you will die to the one that you imagine yourself to be and rest in the One that you truly are and always have actually been, the permanent witness, I , the creator.

This is your message to your Self, may it be received in the place from which it has arisen.


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