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Dear friends and travel companions,

it is with great joy in my heart that I write to tell you the dates of the celebration organized in memory of Avasa.

According to the desire expressed by Daisy namely to continue the satsang gathering together to celebrate, we are looking forward to meeting you 9th , 10th and 11th September 2016 at the hotel “La Selva”, Casole d’Elsa.

The event will begin with dinner on 9th evening and conclude in the afternoon of 11th . Everyone is invited to bring just itself and his/her own talents that perhaps will be offered and shared in the spontaneity of the moment; This will be the new way of doing satsang: embody the message and the gogliardic spirit that has always characterized the “Welsh Man” who we all have loved so much. Let’s celebrating life in all its expressions.

Music and party are just some of the surprises that will act as background to our being together.

Please, book directly at the Selva phoning 0039 0577/960122 or 0039 0577/960235 alternately write an e-mail to:

It is possible to participate also on a daily-basis, information, costs and possibility of overnight, please contact:
We are looking forward to celebrating the message and the “Master” that each of us IS ‘.

Love Shikha & Daisy



Che parole posso dire, che non ti abbia già detto.
Quanti abbracci posso darti, più di quelli che ti ho già dato.
Che Amore posso vivere, se non quello che mi hai mostrato.
Che altro posso essere, se non te.

Domani, cena a casa mia.
Porta del vino.
So che ci sarai, Amore.


My Love

Dearest friends and travel companions who shared with me this wonderful adventure,
I would like to thank you deeply for all the love with which you supported and accompanied us throughout this intense and extraordinary experience.
I also would like to honor and say goodbye to Avasa together with you all organizing a big farewell party. Date and location will be announced asap.
As Daisy said: “Now that my dad died the satsang shouldn’t stop, let’s organize something in order to stay all together, we will continue it.”
Let’s honor this last huge present that Avasa left to us; as he taught us “Stai con la sensazione, le parole non sono importanti, la comprensione è nel cuore”.

With love,


I was going to write this as an email to two friends but the decision arose to write it openly so?!
OK the situation has now unfolded that I am in a lovely place named Dovadela (google map it)
where I am in a hospice by choice receiving great care from really great staff here and a much needed rest.
I am taking what medication that I have researched and heard about and acknowledged from the staff to be workable as well as mainly what I decided about the alternative foods (these are NOT medicines) and have found that within 24 hours thing took a turn for the better.
This place is basically for people for whom the meds have not worked or who have refused medical help. I have a lovely small apartment complete with kitchen but as the hospital delivers food which mixed with my many fungus and organic power foods as well as the organic fruit and veg that we are buying more than sustains this body,which is eating enough for 3 wild boar. There is a HUGE appetite for food and life .
The body is showing vast improvement daily.
I have had a lot of emails asking abut the situation for visiting, bearing in mind that this place isused by many other very sick people the situation is very open.
I can host only 2 people at a time and at present and am not so tired as I was s stay awake longer than previously. There is a lovely garden with a lawn so if more friends come we an spend time outside and you can run me around in my wheelchair LOL, no kidding!
BUT! Shikha makes all the decisions on all of this so get in touch with her for a yes or no if you would like to come. It has not been easy on her watching me almost pass way on three occasions and so I have a big respect that she needs her space in all of this.
Just 2 days ago she found an nice apartment just 10 minutes aways things are much more chilled out now. I guess it would be possible also to find some place to stay over the weekend or overnight if someone wishes too. The area is very beautiful with clean air and a small river.
I consider this at present that I am in hermitage as it really has been set up by outer circumstances for me to be here in such a perfect situation for what is required presently.
I will NOT be replying to loads of emails so be aware that if you do write I may not reply but I WILL read them all, NO personal problems crap PLEASE!
That is it I guess ! but say say again and again a million thanks for everything that so many of you have done and ESPECIALLY the love and prayers which are felt very strongly and which I know will return to you tenfold in many delightful ways. Above all the love is responsible for what is taking place.
I hope this clears things up regarding the present situation.
A HUGE one to all of you
Much Love as always Avasa


Finally an update about this body.
I am doing OK and definitely recovering and so providing I do not die of old age, it happens, I will be back on track next year.
I continue every day with the original choice of healing for this form and each day spend time researching and adding to what is already taking place what intuitively appeals.
I am probably by now on a 20% cooked and 80% raw organic food diet which is now beginning to show its affects on the immune system.
Many friends have asked by email and phone to visit but the answer to this request depends very much on the day as I have good days and bad ones and on a bad day you would more or less be trying to communicate with a vegetable LOL
Other symptoms have shown up in the healing process, such as melanoma on the face, and so the body does not look its best, having also lost a lot of weight and is still very weak.
A number of friends have asked why I do not keep up with this update regularly and the answer is that nothing is regular at present. To be able to type on the key board sometimes is a no go area both physically and mentally.
All I can say for sure is that slowly slowly the body is recovering and getting healthy again. I doubt very much that I will be doing any sharing before next year.
I have managed in the last two days to get out for a walk down to the waters edge, which is only about 60 metres away, and after a long rest get back to the apartment under my own steam. Previously if I managed a walk on the terrace holding onto the railings it was an achievement.
I do NOT keep in touch with any hospitals or any doctors and trust my own intuition on how the healing is going, clearly the cancer is still present to some degree but nowhere near to the degree it was a couple of months ago.
Again I really want to thank those of you who have given, and still do give, donations to help us out with the costs of being able to buy what has been needed for this healing to take place as well as it has done.
It has all been a very interesting ride but I do not think I will be repeating it. I still have not got to go fishing yet !!!
Much Love and thanks to all of you who have supported this situation financially and most importantly with love and positive energy in this direction.

A BIG hug Avasa


Just to keep anyone who is interested updated.
Our daily schedule is very full and so I am not able to keep updating on a daily basis so it is an as and when situation regarding keeping in touch with friends on how I am doing.
I feel I can say with surety that the cancer has receded and things are getting healthier regarding the body.
I am keeping up with everything that we initially decided to do and other things are being added to this therapy as we go along and that I come across and feel to be relevant to add to it.
At present I have arrived at the fact that one of the best things that could be added to this diet is cannabis as the combination of THC and BCD in the oil remove all traces of cancer in a very short time… BUT … always this damn but! LOL… it is illegal.
There was a time when out ancestors knew of the use of cannabis for many of the illnesses and diseases that now run rampant in our society but because of the ridiculing of such cures and the fact that Big Pharma has had them banned we are left with little choice but to take what is on offer by the pharmaceutical companies and their hospitals.
Fortunately for all of us there always have been rebels who have refused to give in and accept the rules of these upper class families who are trying to gain total control over society and it is these people who have kept the knowledge of the ancient cures available to those who have been brave enough to learn about them and make use of them
Today many people know that most medication used against these so called modern day diseases are created by the very people who propose to be looking for cures kills people. Just consider chemotherapy, it kills 98% of the people who turn for help to the medical system over a period of 5 years. When researched it tuns out many more people do actually recover from cancer and various life threatening diseases when they dedicate their self to a form of natural healing.
The truth is that most people who take chemo and die do not die from the cancer that they initially went into hospital for but from the effects (side effects LOL) of the treatment. Very few people die from cancer, the majority that do die die from the results of taking chemo.
Anyway since cannabis is illegal and therefore a hassle to find and buy and use etc etc I have continued to research to find a legal (at the moment) product that can do the equal of it. I have arrived at the conclusion that a substance named BLACK SALVE will do the job as well as the cannabis can.
It is easily and readily available in capsule form from many places in Europe. The ingredients can be bought easily and cheaply if one wishes to make it oneself almost everywhere. It can be found on from some people in Warrington who have a very clever advert on ebay about it…..

These capsules can be used also as a preventative for many illnesses, even serious ones.

It is also available in ointment form again in various places and again on from a gentleman who has cured himself of six cancers using the ointment and now sells this product for others to use…

The ointment MUST NOT be imbibed as it contains Zinc Chloride (in crystal form) which is best left on the surface of the skin outside of the body. This is left out of the capsules. These cures are not expensive and do work as you will see if you care to do a little research about them.
In the case of the ointment I have seen directly for my self the result of how it removed a cancerous growth on the skin of a friend in two weeks leaving no trace of a scar or anything to suggest a cancer had ever existed.
The only cooked food I take is potatoes, cauliflower and brown rice as they cannot be eaten raw, all else in the diet consists of raw organic fruit and veg juiced for easy digestion. To this has been added various herbs for taste and their curative properties such as ginger, turmeric, apricot seeds )for their B17) and Himalayan salt along with a few other things that have the ability to deal with cancer cells. There may be other things also but as yet I have not come across them or researched about their properties enough to add them to this diet.
The addition of the BLACK SALVE capsules should bring about a more direct result along with these things that I am already taking daily. This includes each day at least one coffee enema for cleaning the toxins out of the colon.
So as you can see our day is a 7 in the morning to 11 and night routine which I am happy to do and carry on with until this body is on top form again.
I feel much better than a month ago and even then I was feeling much better than a month prior to that, I do not keep a check on what is happening in this form through doctors and have no wish to as I would no longer believe in what they say or what they would suggest. This has been, and still is, an all or nothing situation and from what I see and what those around me see it is the ALL that it is moving towards.
A BIG thank you to all of you who sent us donations which have enabled us to be able to afford this therapy and to stay in Italy amongst friends who have been more than helpful in their wishes.
We are now in Viaregio since two days in the beach apartment of our friend Nisheeta which is literally just 10 metres from the edge of the sand and another 40 metres from the sea itself so I am getting plenty of fresh ozone.
Daisy is well and happy as her big brother Pete took a year off university and drove down from Wales to be with us, Toto is fine and dandy as always.
Shikha is doing her own recovery after all the hard work of looking after this body and keeping things running smoothly and here she is able to chill out much more than at her parents home.
Also here we are available for people to visit, but please contact Shikha first, by email or phone, if you wish to come to see us because I still have days on and days off.
Here are some links concerning BLACK SALVE if you wish to research it further…..

A BIG hug to you all, let us see what life has in store for us over the next few months.
Much Love to you all Avasa


Yesterday I bought a professional Dr Hulda Clark Zapper, we have two already. One takes a pre-programmed card and the other is a bit more advanced in that one can actually programme blank cards. The new one has 10,000,000 frequencies and can be set for any illness or disease by hand.
The zapper also works on the theory of Dr Rife too, bot Rife and Clark dedicated their lives to studying all the various frequencies that relate to particular illnesses, both were scientists at a very high level.
The medicine of the future will be frequency medicine and it is already present but not so well known because of the pharmaceutical industry’s wish to keep it hidden, as it has the herbal treatments and natural healing.
One day humanity will learn the simplest form of natural healing but first each of us needs to heal that place within ourselves where the idea of separation (for that is all it is, an idea!) began for that idea is the cause of all disease in the body and its out reflection as the wars and conflicts we see in our world.
“As within, so without!
We are one consciousness and when we identify with the false self, the imagined “ME”, we do not see our world as our reflection and so it manifests as if it is not. When it is seen that the world is our mirror it can then change for the benefit of all. Once awakening has taken place that is reflected as a world that is awakening.
Do you see awakening happening, I do! and to the degree you see what it is that is always awake within your own experience in each moment, to that same degree do you see this awakening in others and in the world. When awakening stabilizes in enlightenment the whole world is enlightened in your seeing of Oneness. All is your Self!


Today I took my first enema towards the healing taking place.
I have had enemas in the past but the body always struggled with them, not this time !
1.1/2 litres of distilled water with two tea spoons of cold pressed virgin olive oil held for 20 minutes and it was reluctant to leave the body, it was blissful! followed by bio coffee and 1 litre of distilled water and held for 1/2 an hour as the body was so comfortable on the bathroom floor it did not want to get up. I am becoming a health junky LOL
When I finally got back to my PC half an hour later there were 50 emails to reply to. I always like to honour emails as if people have taken the time to email me I feel that they deserve an email back, even if just to say thank you. I had already answered about 20 earlier in the day.
Already I can feel the body wanting to eat less as it stabilizes with the nutrition. People often ask if an organic raw food diet is expensive and the answer is yes it is but only for the first 6 weeks or so because as the nourishment establishes its place in the body one naturally eats less because one needs less.
When you consider there is a lot of electricity saved because there is no cooking, especially if one uses slow hand operated juicing tools, which consequently can sometimes be the best as they do not drag oxygen into the juice (not good) and also you need to eat a lot less bulk because there is a lot of goodness in less food now, then the price works out about the same or even less after a 6 week, or so, period.
Eating processed crap, it is not food, in comparison is expensive as because it contains very little nourishment, if any, and the body is constantly hungry and looking for what is not present in that crap.
So of course overall it works out either the same in cost or even less.
One 2oz glass of freshly cut organic wheat grass is the equal of 5 lbs in weight of the best choice organic vegetables or fruit. It does not take a genius to work out the saving in growing your own wheat grass and juicing it.
Do not assume that you cannot do this as all that is required are seed trays, or similar, some organic soil and water. These can be placed near a window or on a patio or balcony to produce an excellent drink of the very highest quality. Best however to start with powdered wheat grass to see its affect on you after a week and again after 6 weeks, you will move into growing your own very enthusiastically once you feel the effect.
Please note we are not talking about marijuana here but HOME GROWN best quality wheat grass juice for a very little price. LOL
The benefits of this juice are beyond imagination and if you need any information about this then just google ANNE WIGMORE, HIPPOCRATES DIET. She, like Dr Coldwell and a few others, is someone I have a lot of respect for as in her early years of establishing the Hippocrates Health Insitute she took on such big giants as Coca Cola on her own and won, a woman to be reckoned with.
At this point I would like to say thank you to Shakti for translating this update work, she is busy doing her own thing but still manages to do this for my website. Shikha was doing it initially but has been endlessly busy recently doing what is needed these days to help this body out and I felt it was too much for her. I am blessed with friends who value what has been shared over the years in the same way I value it and know the value of passing it on to others.
Oh well! another day done and no body did it LOL