I was going to write this as an email to two friends but the decision arose to write it openly so?!
OK the situation has now unfolded that I am in a lovely place named Dovadela (google map it)
where I am in a hospice by choice receiving great care from really great staff here and a much needed rest.
I am taking what medication that I have researched and heard about and acknowledged from the staff to be workable as well as mainly what I decided about the alternative foods (these are NOT medicines) and have found that within 24 hours thing took a turn for the better.
This place is basically for people for whom the meds have not worked or who have refused medical help. I have a lovely small apartment complete with kitchen but as the hospital delivers food which mixed with my many fungus and organic power foods as well as the organic fruit and veg that we are buying more than sustains this body,which is eating enough for 3 wild boar. There is a HUGE appetite for food and life .
The body is showing vast improvement daily.
I have had a lot of emails asking abut the situation for visiting, bearing in mind that this place isused by many other very sick people the situation is very open.
I can host only 2 people at a time and at present and am not so tired as I was s stay awake longer than previously. There is a lovely garden with a lawn so if more friends come we an spend time outside and you can run me around in

my wheelchair LOL, no kidding!
BUT! Shikha makes all the decisions on all of this so get in touch with her for a yes or no if you would like to come. It has not been easy on her watching me almost pass way on three occasions and so I have a big respect that she needs her space in all of this.
Just 2 days ago she found an nice apartment just 10 minutes aways things are much more chilled out now. I guess it would be possible also to find some place to stay over the weekend or overnight if someone wishes too. The area is very beautiful with clean air and a small river.
I consider this at present that I am in hermitage as it really has been set up by outer circumstances for me to be here in such a perfect situation for what is required presently.
I will NOT be replying to loads of emails so be aware that if you do write I may not reply but I WILL read them all, NO personal problems crap PLEASE!
That is it I guess ! but say say again and again a million thanks for everything that so many of you have done and ESPECIALLY the love and prayers which are felt very strongly and which I know will return to you tenfold in many delightful ways. Above all the love is responsible for what is taking place.
I hope this clears things up regarding the present situation.
A HUGE one to all of you
Much Love as always Avasa