From Avasa

Today in America 1 in 4 people get cancer at some time in their life, this increases every year. Today in Europe these figures are catching up also.
At one time scurvy was believed to be a disease and it claimed the lives of many thousands of victims, particular people in the maritime employment, sometimes killing the whole crew of a ship. It was believed to be a disease caused by some unknown virus that bred in the dark, dank holds of ships.
A native American tribe gave the French captain of one ship the cure, it was vitamin C. The remainder of his crew took it, 25 had already died, and they all recovered and lived to return home to France. When he returned to France with this cure it was rejected as some voodoo medicine of savages and it was not until 45 years later the cure for scurvy began looking in this direction and found that scurvy was due to a lack of a nutrient. All maritime ships from then on carried lemons and oranges in their food storage. Today scurvy rarely appears and is healed very easily.
Today cancer is the big one and again it has been decided it is a disease when in fact it is due to a vitamin deficiency, the required vitamin is B17. This is yet again one of many vitamins lacking in our present day diet of refined foods. Convenience foods give the space for cancer, and many other illnesses, to

manifest when in fact they can be prevented by a good diet.
B17 is found naturally in a great many plants and can be obtained in the kernel of the apricot, particularly the Hunza apricot. The origin of this apricot is the Hunza valley in Pakistan, the average age of the inhabitants of this valley is over 100 years, there is no cancer present amongst these people.
Taken with a raw food diet of fruit and veg accompanied with fresh, raw wheat grass juice the healing begins almost immediately to slow down the cancer’s growth rate, it harnesses it and eventually brings it to a standstill.
A cancerous cell forms a membrane around itself which prevents white blood corpuscles attacking it, vitamin B17 contains a natural cyanide which breaks down the membrane and in so doing the white corpuscle is able to attack the damaged cell and destroy it so it can be disposed of.
The addition of vitamin B17 to any diet will act as a cancer preventative.
Today the testicles have again swollen in size and they tell me that there is still a lot of confusion and difficulty going on down there. Many of the cells are dead and some are close to dying which leaves a lot of work to the others, that are still themselves recovering, which they do not really have the energy for yet. I listen and watch what take place and meanwhile keep on with the diet.