In the mornings now the first thing is to take Pottasium Ascorbate with Ribosio followed by cell food and a while later sodium bicarbonate. This then is followed by a glass of the powdered wheat grass. The day consists of raw veg salad and some vegetable juices.
Two friends from Puglia came to visit to see if I had decided to take them up on their offer to pay for our trip to Florida to do a 3 week course at the Hipocrates Institute, this institute was founded by Anne Wigmore, who founded the institute, and is a place that I feel would be very beneficial for my body but again Florida seems so far away and I am getting weaker every day, too tiring a journey at the moment. They are friends who we met only this last year but connected with immediately, they listened to what had to say and made no effort to push anything in any direction. We spent some hours together as they have quite a lot of knowledge of healing and also are very dedicated to what is shared so the conversation was naturally in depth and very interesting.

came up about Dr Hammer so after the left I researched his work which I found very interesting but somehow can not apply it here as, so far, I see not emotion trauma that has led to this condition of the testicles which is his theory. Maybe this will show up at some point but I doubt it as emotions here are always accepted and witnessed and no story from them is bought into and th feeling of them is never avoided.
An ex partner of 20 years has emailed me after finding out I had cancer and it turns out that she is now a naturopath so I am in good hands in that direction because I know that whatever she turns her hand to she does it totally. Josie does not entertain chemotherapy either so we are on to a good start.
I also emailed our daughter today, the first communication in 19 years.
I have always know that Josie, my ex, and my daughter Okha would come back into my life at some point. So now there is an added impetus for this body to continue to live.