Today I noticed how this the body has become thin and how the skin no longer has the elasticity that it once had, again all of this is noted without any concern, it is just the fact of the moment.
The one thing that stands out above all else about healing is that if fear is present it slows down and even prevents healing taking place. The fear is always the fear of death regardless how it is diluted down to fear of …… blah blah blah, the fear is a mental story which is emotionally supported about what death is.
Death cannot be the story of what death is and it cannot be what is felt about death either because both of these experiences are NOT death itself. Death is that moment when feelings and thoughts dissolve back into the non active home ground that is the witness in each one of us and this is the only place that we can really be in touch with death and go beyond it and doing so brings an end to the fear.
We can only go beyond fear once it has been felt fully and then it gives way to intuitive understanding , in this we cannot fear because we have intuitively understood.
Where there is ignorance of what death is, because it has not been experienced fully, there will be fear. The fear exists to the same degree that the intuitive understanding has not developed.
Death is NOTHING, an absolute zero, the void, and it is this that is looking through your eyes right now, this same No Thing is rested behind all of the senses of the body/mind receiving the information of the experiences of the body/mind. This No Thing cannot die for it was never born and in this realization no fear can exist.
All that follows this realization can obviously be helpful to true healing but this realization is where it really begins. This realization is the foundation

of all healing, including the healing of the concept of separation from the whole. This is the highest empowerment and when the play of action that we call mind moves from this, and not from a concept or an emotion, the very best action to take will arise impersonally and have its way.
There is no fear here of the death of the body and so as the desire for it to live is what arose, it could equally have been the opposite, then living will happen. Once one has allowed the fear of death to pass through oneself, the Self that is No Thing, then there is no reason why this cannot be incorporated into the healing procedure for others. It is a simple and factual sharing that CAN be shared with another, which may or may not bring them to it fully immediately but will enable them to get closer to that moment, where they SEE that they themselves are this deathless no-thing-ness. This procedure then obviously eliminates the fear more and more each time it is felt without avoiding it.
Less fear more chance of healing taking place.
This healing includes at the same time the healing of our world also, for to the degree it is taking place in the mind as intuitive understanding and at the emotional level as lack of fear it is reflected into what appears to be outside of ourselves, our world. It is in fact the only way to bring harmony amongst people into this world.
A couple of days ago I came across a Dr.Leonard Coldwell who reflects perfectly so far all that I know and understand about illness and the healing of it, he, like my friend Josie, is a naturopath and a very good one. He is also awake to what is happening in our world, well recommended to take a look at what he shares.
“physician, heal thyself”