Today I found again a very interesting man who has very good information about healing illnesses Andreas Moritz. His knowledge seems to be very accurate and I watched a number of you tube videos of his. Finally I came across one by him about what happens at the moment of death, his information prior to this I was very impressed with but after watching just 3 minutes of this video on death I saw yet again, as I have seen before, that behind his healing was the fear of dying, it was clear that his knowledge was based upon this fear of death.
This does not in any way dismiss his knowledge of health but it points out that it is not complete, it is coming from a place of fear.
He went on to say that we choose our parents, if this was true I would have chosen better ones, and that our soul leaves this earth and goes on a journey ……. blah……. blah. Such stories are NOT true, they are mind stories based upon the concept that there is someone living life, which is the separation concept.
Such stories come about and are held onto because the imagined separate one is held onto and not allowed to die to the truth, THERE IS NO ONE IN THESE FORMS, No-Thing manifests AS them and operates THROUGH them, there is no individual soul inside doing its

thing and going some place when the body dies!
Such stories as this prevent the very thing that is required to take place, the death of the imagined one, before awakening can happen and one realizes that one cannot die.
My daughter Tanya visited with our friend Rachana and my grandson Leon (Curly) and I managed a walk in the park, this time with a rucksack and a folding spade to collect the molehills ready to plant the organic wheat we have bought in trays to produce the juice. It was icy cold when we got back to the house but the body was content with the change in temperature. Daisy would not let me go to sleep this evening as she was so excited about her Xmas gift from Rachana, a Lego giant hotel! It is a delight to watch her mind work in the constructive way that it does with a thirst to learn new things.
Another day and the body is still alive and better than it was a week ago, something is working and I suspect it is not just the little bit of raw food therapy that I am managing to do. The love of others is very important and is felt very strongly, Love is the true healer, all else is a requirement to quieten the mind so it does not interfere in the healing process.