Shikha and I have had numerous friends ask if they can visit us and sadly we have had to say no. The situation here in Shika’s parent’s home is already not so easy as the place is very small. They have been great and very accommodating but they need their space and we need ours.
We need some place to stay for about at least 8 weeks where there is an internet connection and availability to organic food without travelling too far, preferably in quiet countryside or near the seaside.
We also have our little dog Toto with us and need somewhere to park the camper van and the trailer.
I am open to people

visiting if we have made an arrangement between us beforehand and maybe even doing a talk , once a week. I must make it clear that I DO NOT want anyone coming to see us if they have even a hint of flu or a sniff or a cough as the immune system of the body is low already and does not need to take on board anything else. If these talks happen they will be also online for people to watch and to download, maybe with the addition of Skype.
If any body feels to help us to find a place that they feel suitable please contact Shikha,it will be much appreciated.