Hi Avasa,
1st of September my loved partner left his body. He had leaver cancer and after we found out he left his body in 4 days. Only later I found out that he had hepatitis c for 15 years, but decided not to take any medicine. His leaving was the most powerful experience I ever had and It just gave rise to a 4-monthsprocess , during which leftovers of my identity just could not any longer survive. During that period of sometimes seeing limits just falling away and other times having total blackouts of mind and body, I found out about avasa and watched the Titignano-retreat on y-toube and I suddenly found that actually each moment is it and I suddenly felt That there is a possibility that there is only me and It felt terrible first and then I went outside and still felt that all the manifestation is just imagined by me, but slowly I found that everything was so beautiful and sweet, also the cars and rubbish and supermarket, I think it was the first time I fell in love with this world and after few days I saw who we really are all of us and all of this and the perspective finally shifted to not being personal any more.
I cannot imagine what will come next, Its all so new, but there is peace and love and that’s all there is. Thank you for your clearness. Andrea ( my partner ) is with me allays and I can tell you that we are heaving a lot of fun and, wow, I couldn’t imagine before that anything is possible, no limits.

I love you

A small point, no one left the body when the Andrea body died and no one will ever leave yours or mine. If this is seen clearly you are no more for you will be home, where you always have been.
Much Love to you Avasa

Thank you for your message. It seemed to me so difficult to understand, it took me so many years ( I am 47, Andrea 52, but he knew who he was or not was), and now it seems like the message was around everywhere all the time each moment. It is so obvious.

Is there any possibility to meet you ?
Love to you and your family

Ciao Nali,
Because of this recent diagnosis of cancer I am not in a situation to see people as my partner Shikha and I and our daughter are presently sharing a small 2 bedroom apartment with her parents. We are waiting to see if some place else is offered which is more convenient for the many friends who have asked to visit can come. I have a friend named Rachana who has offered her country house in Ternate which is big and she is open to people coming there including my children who want to be with me at present but in many ways this place too is inconvenient also as it has no internet connection which I need very much. Also finding organic veg and fruit
there is not so easy for Shikha. Until this situation is sorted out I cannot invite people to be with me, which is why I am keeping an update of where I am and what I am doing on my events page of my website. Often it is the reality of the moment that one can die any moment that brings about this clarity of seeing the truth of oneself, maybe it was this way for Andrea.

Much love to you Avasa

Cciao avasa,

healing is almost the only thing i was ever interested in and through massage i found everything getting clearer and clearer and after Andrea’s body dying i feel healing through different eyes and with a different sense and there is so much healing power that i feel it’s so obvious that we can heal anything also by only touching feet and even less than that. I don’t know where you are, I am in Rome but free and can move in case you feel like sharing a moment or receiving healing massage or whatever can be helpful .

infinite love to all of you

My love, am I not receiving it right now as you send it ? LOL
Yes I totally agree with you, when we meet I will tell you what happened for a 6 to 8 week period after awakening took place.
I am busy looking at all forms of dealing with cancer and watching how each day the ideas about what it is and how it is best to heal it (not cure it) appear and slowly I see what is manifesting is the seeing in subtler and
subtler ways that just a thought in the direction of healing something is enough. Not even the need to touch is required, this is what is taking place here in this form. Love is the highest healer in more ways than one. I
have stated this many times and now it is being demonstrated.
We are looking for a place to stay which has all the conveniences that we require for people to visit or maybe stay for a day or so and this now is very clear so I watch, it will appear.

A hug without the need of arms and always the love Avasa

that’s what i just found out about healing

ah ok
If the healer drops away then the healing is total and no one will ever know
if or who brought it about
Damn! i will be unrecognized LOL
Love Avasa

had problems with computer , wanted to write there’s only love needed, and it’s all there ever is . It’s not even needed

Would you mind if I put our email communication on my website
I feel it would benefit a lot of people to read it
I can leave out your name and anything else that might not be in agreement with you

It is OK also if you do not want this
Much Love to you

i don’t mind at all, also with name.
Everybody needs to know about who we all are, it just turns everything upside down and its all what we are ever searching for.
And it’s clear to ‘me’ that the only interest from now on is to share this each moment.
in contact Always with love

The deepest healing of all is the healing of that place where we lost sight of oneness and fell into the illusion of separation. This is true healing and this is shared as a consequence of awakening.
“the greatest good that one can do for oneself is the greatest good one can do for others”
Ramana Maharshi.
Much Love to you Avasa.

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