Tomorrow I will go to some office here to get my identity card to officially say I am registered in Italy, Shikha insists on it so I have to go LOL
It is quite strange to class oneself as Welsh or Italian or any other nationality when one sees that one is not the body. It is true that I have a huge love for Wales but equally true is my love to be here in Italy, which is why I am here, France too brings up much joy when I walk in the forests there. All of these places have their own type of beauty which brings the joy of living into play, they are all my country when they are appearing, they all appear out of and in my Self, one with me as this No-thing-ness.
With the soil I obtained whilst out for the walk yesterday I manage to fill 7 trays and

plant the wheat, the weather is cold but the wheat will grow, although slower than usual.
As a standby I still have the powdered wheat, which I take 3 times a day. Some people have told me that they cannot tolerate wheat so they do not use it, this is NOT actually true because all human beings can, and do, tolerate wheat.
Wheat that is not tolerated is processed wheat, where most of the goodness has been taken out of it, and the result is that the stomach cannot digest it properly, it requires ALL of its contents to be present for correct digestion. When the wheat is complete, minus the husk, it is a complete and whole food for the human form and in fact it is the one food that on its own can support a healthy body for years if it is was to be the only food available.