January 14, 2016

Today I am due to leave the hospital, or so I have been told. Gian Carlo left yesterday looking very happy too get a good diagnosis. Now I am in the the room with an elderly man who seems to not be in such good condition, I find it sad to see him in such a state when I know that the problem is simply a little education about a change in diet. It is not a law that human being must die from ill health in old age.
I will spend 4 days with

the in-laws before going North of Milan, maybe, to the countryside residence of a good friend of ours where I can finally get on with following this healing therapy to the degree that I feel I need to.
This morning starts with a cup of water with a desert spoon of sodium bicarbonate and a squeezed lemon to activate it correctly, followed by a desert spoon of the dried wheat grass powder from the company in New Zealand. Once I am out of here it will be easier to establish in the juice diet.