January 17th 2016

After leaving the hospital I was finally able to begin taking various things that are needed to stabilize this condition and reverse it.
The first thing was a nebulizer with H2O2 and colloidal gold direct to the lungs and into the bloodstream. This will continue now each day. I sat and talked with Daisy with her mum present and told her of the situation, the reply was “ Well dad people do die and if you have to you will and if it is not time for you then you will just carry on living. Anyway you will still be here looking at the world through my eyes because no one dies, no one goes anywhere”. Just what I would have expected from my daughter.
I managed a 3 kilometre walk yesterday (more of an upright crawl) the first part I did alone and then Shikha found me and accompanied me back to her parents house.
A doctor friend who respects my decision not to take chemo has referred me to another doctor friend of his who will give me all the options for therapy and where to obtain them, apparently he is one of the few in Italy who is

a mine of information about this so I am in good hands to continue in the direction that has been chosen.
There are moments where the mind pops up and tries to pull the attention into a fear story and these moments are just watched and felt emotionally, once the emotional side has passed through and again only the emptiness is present immediately the gestalt changes and a new way to look at this opens up outwardly. It is not difficult when one knows how to stay with the feelings which are nevertheless there from time to time.
I am researching a lot of other peoples findings who have healed themselves of cancer and regardless of all the heavy negative evidence produced by the hospital diagnosis I see the outcome as positive.
I am still feeling very grateful to all the staff at the hospital who enabled the bringing about of the diagnosis so quickly and many were sad to see me leave, at a later date they will be happy to see me alive and healthy and I will then share with them the way I have managed to do this without chemo.