Today I took my first enema towards the healing taking place.
I have had enemas in the past but the body always struggled with them, not this time !
1.1/2 litres of distilled water with two tea spoons of cold pressed virgin olive oil held for 20 minutes and it was reluctant to leave the body, it was blissful! followed by bio coffee and 1 litre of distilled water and held for 1/2 an hour as the body was so comfortable on the bathroom floor it did not want to get up. I am becoming a health junky LOL
When I finally got back to my PC half an hour later there were 50 emails to reply to. I always like to honour emails as if people have taken the time to email me I feel that they deserve an email back, even if just to say thank you. I had already answered about 20 earlier in the day.
Already I can feel the body wanting to eat less as it stabilizes with the nutrition. People often ask if an organic raw food diet is expensive and the answer is yes it is but only for the first 6 weeks or so because as the nourishment establishes its place in the body one naturally eats less because one needs less.
When you consider there is a lot of electricity saved because there is no cooking, especially if one uses slow hand operated juicing tools, which consequently can sometimes be the best as they do not drag oxygen into the juice (not good) and also you need to eat a lot less bulk because there is a lot of goodness in less food now, then the price works out about the same or even less after a 6 week, or so, period.
Eating processed crap, it is not food, in comparison is expensive as because it contains very little nourishment, if any, and the body is constantly hungry and looking for what is not present in that crap.
So of course overall

it works out either the same in cost or even less.
One 2oz glass of freshly cut organic wheat grass is the equal of 5 lbs in weight of the best choice organic vegetables or fruit. It does not take a genius to work out the saving in growing your own wheat grass and juicing it.
Do not assume that you cannot do this as all that is required are seed trays, or similar, some organic soil and water. These can be placed near a window or on a patio or balcony to produce an excellent drink of the very highest quality. Best however to start with powdered wheat grass to see its affect on you after a week and again after 6 weeks, you will move into growing your own very enthusiastically once you feel the effect.
Please note we are not talking about marijuana here but HOME GROWN best quality wheat grass juice for a very little price. LOL
The benefits of this juice are beyond imagination and if you need any information about this then just google ANNE WIGMORE, HIPPOCRATES DIET. She, like Dr Coldwell and a few others, is someone I have a lot of respect for as in her early years of establishing the Hippocrates Health Insitute she took on such big giants as Coca Cola on her own and won, a woman to be reckoned with.
At this point I would like to say thank you to Shakti for translating this update work, she is busy doing her own thing but still manages to do this for my website. Shikha was doing it initially but has been endlessly busy recently doing what is needed these days to help this body out and I felt it was too much for her. I am blessed with friends who value what has been shared over the years in the same way I value it and know the value of passing it on to others.
Oh well! another day done and no body did it LOL