Yesterday I bought a professional Dr Hulda Clark Zapper, we have two already. One takes a pre-programmed card and the other is a bit more advanced in that one can actually programme blank cards. The new one has 10,000,000 frequencies and can be set for any illness or disease by hand.
The zapper also works on the theory of Dr Rife too, bot Rife and Clark dedicated their lives to studying all the various frequencies that relate to particular illnesses, both were scientists at a very high level.
The medicine of the future will be frequency medicine and it is already present but not so well known because of the pharmaceutical industry’s wish to keep it hidden, as it has the herbal treatments and natural healing.
One day humanity will learn the simplest form of natural healing but first each of us needs to heal that place within ourselves where the idea of separation (for that is all it is, an idea!) began for

that idea is the cause of all disease in the body and its out reflection as the wars and conflicts we see in our world.
“As within, so without!
We are one consciousness and when we identify with the false self, the imagined “ME”, we do not see our world as our reflection and so it manifests as if it is not. When it is seen that the world is our mirror it can then change for the benefit of all. Once awakening has taken place that is reflected as a world that is awakening.
Do you see awakening happening, I do! and to the degree you see what it is that is always awake within your own experience in each moment, to that same degree do you see this awakening in others and in the world. When awakening stabilizes in enlightenment the whole world is enlightened in your seeing of Oneness. All is your Self!