From Avasa

Dearest Friends,
I am writing this from my hospital bed in Parma to keep you updated on what is going on with this body.
Shikha and I have received many texts and phone calls and probably many more emails, I am not on line, asking what is going on. This is understandable but I would like to point out that Shikha, my partner, is very tired as she visits me daily and in between has much to arrange besides having to deal with her own emotional stuff regarding this situation.
She does not need other people’s emotional download.
Some of you just send your love, which is the MOST helpful thing we can receive, but others vomit their mental movies instead of staying with the feeling that this situation has provoked and this is not in any way helpful to anybody. Far better to visualize a future moment when we will be sharing the space in a retreat or public talk again.
This situation is your own opportunity to look at your own fear of death.
The latest diagnosis that came yesterday is …..
Diffuse large lymphoma cancer type B. Prolific. Advanced stage 4.
Make of this what you will and remember that this diagnosis was made based upon the state of the cancer a week ago, things change.
The final diagnosis will come after the PET scan on the 12th of this month after which I shall probably rent somewhere near to Parma for a couple of months to recover and get physically stabilized. If possible I will arrange for one talk each week of around 2 hours for those interested, donation based.
Those of you who have visited me I am sure will agree that I am in good spirits and not suffering the situation, in fact as always I am finding it all very interesting.
The hospital staff are lovely people, both the doctors and the nurses, and I am more than happy with the care and efficiency that they have shown since I arrived here.

The work carried out to arrive at a rapid diagnosis was beyond what I could have expected.
I am not in any pain or discomfort.
The only therapy to cure this cancer is chemotherapy, which as you can imagine does not appeal here. I know enough about the healing of cancerous cells to know that a true healing, NOT a cure, can be brought about by a change of diet.
If you feel to research Organic Wheat Grass Juice Diet, this is a diet I research many years ago and which is my choice of how to heal this cancer. It will be accompanied by a diet of raw organic fruit and vegetables. In the introductory stage this will be all imbibed as juices and then later on eaten.
I am fully confident that this is the healing therapy to follow.
Shikha has researched for the two best affordable juicers on the market, two because they do different things, and is now researching about the best available and affordable food dehydrator. As you can see we are approaching this in a practical, factual way.
At present, whilst in hospital, I am taking an organic wheat grass powder from New Zealand, the best available, and this has already made a difference to the body. The main thing with this healing diet is to grow the organic wheat and drink the juice of it within 20 minutes of juicing it, this is more important than all the rest of the diet.
If you feel to help in any way contact Shikha as we are open to new ideas, but please research first or really know what you are talking about and dont just send links.
I will try to keep you all updated about what is happening through my website as things progress.
A BIG hug and lots of love as always Avasa.
A BIG thanks and lots of love also from Shikha.