Looking for a place for rent, some where not too far from Forli

Do any of our friends have, or know of, a place for rent, some where not too far from Forli?
Shakti recently put me in touch with an expert on Chninese medicine whom I have met and begun treatment with which I feel has changed the gestalt within my body for the better.
I was considering returning to France to be in the quiet of my home there but both Shikha and Daisy did not like the idea. A number of people have also asked if I will remain in Italy during this period of recovery to maybe do talks or at least be available to visit.
For those of you who have asked me to do talks you will be pleased to know that Dante, my consultant, has suggested quite strongly that this is a need for this form presently, strange chap but I feel he is right. LOL
I am sure I can manage with the help of my co worker Bogdan to do on line talks, how long for depends on how well I recover as does how often also.
So if anyone can help us out with finding a place please get in touch with either Shikha or Shakti with the details or send me an email through my site. Dont be too concerned if it is in the Italian language as I can pass it on the Shikha.
Many thanks to all who have been very helpful in so many ways these last few months.

Much Love to you all Avasa