Author: Bogdan

Looking for a place for rent, some where not too far from Forli

Do any of our friends have, or know of, a place for rent, some where not too far from Forli?
Shakti recently put me in touch with an expert on Chninese medicine whom I have met and begun treatment with which I feel has changed the gestalt within my body for the better.
I was considering returning to France to be in the quiet of my home there but both Shikha and Daisy did not like the idea. A number of people have also asked if I will remain in Italy during this period of recovery to maybe do talks or at least be available to visit.
For those of you who have asked me to do talks you will be pleased to know that Dante, my consultant, has suggested quite strongly that this is a need for this form presently, strange chap but I feel he is right. LOL
I am sure I can manage with the help of my co worker Bogdan to do on line talks, how long for depends on how well I recover as does how often also.
So if anyone can help us out with finding a place please get in touch with either Shikha or Shakti with the details or send me an email through my site. Dont be too concerned if it is in the Italian language as I can pass it on the Shikha.
Many thanks to all who have been very helpful in so many ways these last few months.

Much Love to you all Avasa

May 12,2016

This is a much overdue update on the situation with this body and its cancer.
I have not been able to continue to update regularly for two reasons, I never know if what I am stating about the condition of the body will be true in half an hours time, it changes so quickly. On a bad day it is not possible to type. For these two reasons updating has not been forthcoming.
I am amazed at some of the emails and phone calls we have received with some people complaining that I am taking too long to get better ! And how they are sure I could squeeze a 3 or 4 hour talk in every now and then !
It is hard to believe what I read and hear sometimes, this was initially diagnosed as a stage 4 prolific cancer from which many, especially those who take to route offered by the hospital, do not live very long. A prolific stage 4 is a runaway train which has to be slowed down and stopped as soon as possible if the body is to survive. Most people do not have the know how to do this and neither did my partner Shikha and I when we first started out, the very first thing was, and always is, to change the acidity of the body to alkaline and from there things can be added to bring about the healing.
Fortunately that is not so difficult and because lemons are very plentiful in Italy, this was achieved by drinking large quantities of freshly squeezed lemon juice with bicarbonate of soda, finding a bi-carb that does not contain aluminium is another story!
Lots of research was required and seeing that the body was in bed, and still is, 90% of the waking day I was able to do this much needed research to understand what cancer is and how it gets into the body and what can remove it. This researching was hindered by difficult moments and sometimes whole difficult days. Even in the last week 5 out the the last 7 days have been to much to allow visitors as communication is non existent on such days.
The body without a doubt is getting better but it will be quite some time before things will be somewhat back to normal so please no more stupid emails or phone calls.
The situation has obviously not been so easy on the relationship between Shikha and I but we get through even though she broke her foot at some point about 10 weeks ago which prevented here being able to go out to do the shopping which needed to be done on a daily basis to keep the raw food going into the body fresh. We have managed to ride the waves of emotion and weird mental stuff that all of this has brought into play and I guess it has strengthened us in many ways.
With the addition now of a Near Infra Red sauna bought and paid for by the donations of friends things have shifted and the detoxing is coming along in leaps and bounds and the benefits of that are felt very clearly.
As always a BIG thank to those of you who have helped out with donations and to all of you who have sent so much love into this situation, which I feel that above all else is the necessary ingredient for a full recovery. The power of love should never be underestimated.
And NO! I have not managed to go fishing yet ! Often a trip to the toilet is still an ordeal but slowly, slowly …..
We are both very grateful to our friend Nisheeta who has allowed us to stay here in Lido Verde in one of her beach apartments but soon, as the holiday season begins, we will have to move, as to where? we have no idea and are therefore open to offers or suggestions. France is always an option but once there people and friends who wish to visit will not find it so convenient to do so as if we stayed in Italy.
Anyway too much already and I can feel the mind slowing down and the body tiring so !?
Grazie tutti with much love Avasa


I have often pointed out that as long as there is a desire for something at the level of thought or feeling then the very holding on to it at those levels is the very thing that prevents it manifesting and allowing yourself to have it!
Now before what is desired can finally come about as a created object or a situation it is my experience that it must therefore be let go of, sometimes for a second or two and sometimes to the point of forgetting about it altogether.
Maybe it is necessary to have a clear intellectual understanding of what one wants with attention and focus and also it may be necessary to match that with a fullness of feeling emotionally.
In this way the male and female aspect of the mind are not in conflict, BUT in my experience in every case where something has come into manifestation following a desire, for however long or worked on by the mind it was, all of that has to drop away.
I cannot have what I want if I hold it as an inner object of the mind.
Much of what I see as the circumstances of my life have appeared in this way but equally much also has manifest that was not thought about or involved feeling strongly about it beforehand.
In fact I can honestly say that what appears in my experience of the world just appeared ! without any effort on my part …….. from nowhere.
BUT …….. it has done so in a way that IF I had thought it out and IF I had felt it to its fullest, which I did not, it would have been exactly what I desired to come about in a future moment as my outer circumstances. Some part of my consciousness knows exactly what I want or need before it comes filtering through as the play of the mind.
It is if the attention, prior to the recognition of what one is, is seeking fulfilment or satisfaction in “things” but once one sees what one is over time, longer or shorter for different people because of their particular characteristics, the attention comes to rest naturally at home where it arises from in the Self.
When this is true of oneself the world does not stop manifesting but the desire for it to manifest in a particular way drops away more and more until activity in that direction ceases and one watches the world trundle along and one is happy to trundle along with it in the direction it seems to be going.
This is watched from a place, which is no place, of non-activity.
An easiness towards life and a sort of abandon-ness one’s constant companion through the day. In this state life is somewhat dreamlike but yet at the same time even more real than previously when one was not rested in this place of recognition of oneself.
From time to time events pop up from nowhere and for a time maybe the attention goes to that event until the energy to give it attention slips away and one is again in balance, stabilized, with what is appearing just as it is in that moment.
In this one is again open and empty living with the realization that everything is alive and magically appearing, which means anything can, and does, appear. This is my memory of what childhood was like, which my daughter reminds me of many times in my daily life.
One finds oneself in awe of everything realizing that it need not exist at all and yet here it is, the mystery in manifestation.
Seeing the world in this way all is just as it is without need for it to be otherwise.
This is what is taking place here now for myself, I am losing interest in the focus of attention being on this illness and knowing more about it and how to cure it, or FIX it.
This does not mean in any way that I want it to stay or that I want to remain as it is and the body to die but that there is a kind of indifference to whether it goes or stays.
THIS is where, in my past experiences, things manifest as the previously desired change and come into manifestation. This that could be seen as indifference is not actually indifference but detachment, a watching of things happening without interference from the mind’s intentions for it to be other than what it is or going in another direction.
Let us see if the validity of this theory brings about the full healing as I have lost interest in focusing on it all.
It is time to do more important things, like go fishing. Let life unfold LOL.