Just to keep anyone who is interested updated.
Our daily schedule is very full and so I am not able to keep updating on a daily basis so it is an as and when situation regarding keeping in touch with friends on how I am doing.
I feel I can say with surety that the cancer has receded and things are getting healthier regarding the body.
I am keeping up with everything that we initially decided to do and other things are being added to this therapy as we go along and that I come across and feel to be relevant to add to it.
At present I have arrived at the fact that one of the best things that could be added to this diet is cannabis as the combination of THC and BCD in the oil remove all traces of cancer in a very short time… BUT … always this damn but! LOL… it is illegal.
There was a time when out ancestors knew of the use of cannabis for many of the illnesses and diseases that now run rampant in our society but because of the ridiculing of such cures and the fact that Big Pharma has had them banned we are left with little choice but to take what is on offer by the pharmaceutical companies and their hospitals.
Fortunately for all of us there always have been rebels who have refused to give in and accept the rules of these upper class families who are trying to gain total control over society and it is these people who have kept the knowledge of the ancient cures available to those who have been brave enough to learn about them and make use of them
Today many people know that most medication used against these so called modern day diseases are created by the very people who propose to be looking for cures kills people. Just consider chemotherapy, it kills 98% of the people who turn for help to the medical system over a period of 5 years. When researched it tuns out many more people do actually recover from cancer and various life threatening diseases when they dedicate their self to a form of natural healing.
The truth is that most people who take chemo and die do not die from the cancer that they initially went into hospital for but from the effects (side effects LOL) of the treatment. Very few people die from cancer, the majority that do die die from the results of taking chemo.
Anyway since cannabis is illegal and therefore a hassle to find and buy and use etc etc I have continued to research to find a legal (at the moment) product that can do the equal of it. I have arrived at the conclusion that a substance named BLACK SALVE will do the job as well as the cannabis can.
It is easily and readily available in capsule form from many places in Europe. The ingredients can be bought easily and cheaply if one wishes to make it oneself almost everywhere. It can be found on Ebay.co.uk from some people in Warrington who have a very clever advert on ebay about it…..


These capsules can be used also as a preventative for many illnesses, even serious ones.

It is also available in ointment form again in various places and again on Ebay.co.uk from a gentleman who has cured himself of six cancers using the ointment and now sells this product for others to use…


The ointment MUST NOT be imbibed as it contains Zinc Chloride (in crystal form) which is best left on the surface of the skin outside of the body. This is left out of the capsules. These cures are not expensive and do work as you will see if you care to do a little research about them.
In the case of the ointment I have seen directly for my self the result of how it removed a cancerous growth on the skin of a friend in two weeks leaving no trace of a scar or anything to suggest a cancer had ever existed.
The only cooked food I take is potatoes, cauliflower and brown rice as they cannot be eaten raw, all else in the diet consists of raw organic fruit and veg juiced for easy digestion. To this has been added various herbs for taste and their curative properties such as ginger, turmeric, apricot seeds )for their B17) and Himalayan salt along with a few other things that have the ability to deal with cancer cells. There may be other things also but as yet I have not come across them or researched about their properties enough to add them to this diet.
The addition of the BLACK SALVE capsules should bring about a more direct result along with these things that I am already taking daily. This includes each day at least one coffee enema for cleaning the toxins out of the colon.
So as you can see our day is a 7 in the morning to 11 and night routine which I am happy to do and carry on with until this body is on top form again.
I feel much better than a month ago and even then I was feeling much better than a month prior to that, I do not keep a check on what is happening in this form through doctors and have no wish to as I would no longer believe in what they say or what they would suggest. This has been, and still is, an all or nothing situation and from what I see and what those around me see it is the ALL that it is moving towards.
A BIG thank you to all of you who sent us donations which have enabled us to be able to afford this therapy and to stay in Italy amongst friends who have been more than helpful in their wishes.
We are now in Viaregio since two days in the beach apartment of our friend Nisheeta which is literally just 10 metres from the edge of the sand and another 40 metres from the sea itself so I am getting plenty of fresh ozone.
Daisy is well and happy as her big brother Pete took a year off university and drove down from Wales to be with us, Toto is fine and dandy as always.
Shikha is doing her own recovery after all the hard work of looking after this body and keeping things running smoothly and here she is able to chill out much more than at her parents home.
Also here we are available for people to visit, but please contact Shikha first, by email or phone, if you wish to come to see us because I still have days on and days off.
Here are some links concerning BLACK SALVE if you wish to research it further…..



A BIG hug to you all, let us see what life has in store for us over the next few months.
Much Love to you all Avasa