If you attack a disease you are an aggressor, you then are an accomplice in what is the very energy that is creating the disease.

Loving the disease is the answer to healing because the dis-ease is an information which has come from the source and got a bit lost, forgetting its way home. In loving it you give it true orientation, you remind it of its homeground and it will willingly return home, to health.
This is where all illness comes from but forgets its way home. It comes from Love. It is a reflection of your own consciousness.
Unless you yourself realize what the truth of you is you cannot remain fully at ease so you are dis-eased, diseased. It is this dis-ease that is the mother of all illness. You must go beyond this primary disease and realize that you are the stillness prior to it, forever at ease. Only from this resting place can true healing take place, as your dis-ease comes to rest the disease that appears outwardly will appear less and less until it disappears.
As you are so is the world, as within so without. The cause of an effect is also the cause of its imagined cause. The cause of all that appears is yourself; if you live in ignorance of what you are you create the reflection of this ignorance and your creation then is painted with the brush of ignorance. If you live in conscious awareness of what you are you create from and with conscious awareness, you will create a world where awakening is taking place to exactly the same degree as you awaken for the world is your reflection.
What you are seeking to heal is your own illness, you are schizophrenic if you identify with the body/mind and your whole way of acting and thinking will be the activity of an insane person. If you realize what you really are, the impersonal awareness prior to the appearance of the body/mind, you are no-one, you are nothing, the same nothing that exists alone prior to creation.
In this realization there is true healing, wholeness, and in this you see that all that appears is yourself playing the game of apparent separation as others. The very seeing of this begins to heal those apparent others of the illness of separation, the illnesses of the body/mind follow suit.
To arrive at this realization you must be utterly prepared and ready to lose everything you imagine that you know including the idea, the present idea, that you are a separate individual for this is not the truth of you and this concept must die before the realization of the true self can take place. You must die to the image of yourself to come to see this that has no image. When you rest as this that has no image you are nothing, you are no-one. When you are no-one at all the actions of the body/mind will be seen to be taking place spontaneously with the circumstances of the moment. All actions then will be the very best possible in the moment for they will be pure action, unhindered by the ego concept. They will be the action of Oneness and will therefore not create the sense of separation further. When the one who appears with an illness dissolves their sense of separation in your company real healing takes place in them also as a consequence of you knowing what you are.


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