Take a look around, the world is going crazy. If you are not seeing this then read no further and go back to sleep. If this is beginning to hit you then maybe you are ready to read this.

We are entering a very strange time now in human history, in fact we are at the turning point where things will maybe go into total chaos or will begin to harmonise naturally. We are moving into mass enlightenment or maybe total destruction as more and more people are being pointed back to ask themselves profound questions due to the craziness of outer circumstances in the world.

Many who have realised what is happening are reacting to the outer circumstances, which is understandable, but all reaction is based on fear and any action coming from fear can only create more fearful circumstances which ultimately do not have the desired affect intended.

We have all been hypnotised, we have been led to believe ourselves to be other than what we actually are and because of this we are co-creators in the craziness that we see around us as our world.

Our education system and religions, amongst many other things, have led us to believe that we are victims of some creator who is apart from us. The Truth is simple; the One that creates all things lives through these forms experiencing the human condition. You are the creator but you have fallen into a self-hypnotic state and lost sight of what you are and therefore also the fact that the world you see is your creation. A reflection of your consciousness.

The so-called outer reality is a mess and is getting worse daily and there is only one way that this world can change for the better and that is if you awaken to the fact that you are its creator. If your false view of yourself gives way to the realisation of what you actually are then the world, which is your reflection will change. “As within so without”

You are not the body nor are you the mind, what you are is this awareness that is aware of their existence and as this One you are the creator. This is always the fact even when you do not realise this and so because your nature is to create you create from a wrong view point, from the ego, and the result is the messy creation that we now see as our outer reality. Awakening to the realisation that what you are is the creator will bring about a natural balance in the way you view yourself and your reflection as the world will change to reflect this also.

What is being referred to as “I” is not the body or the mind but this Awareness that is the basis of each and every-one of us, we are all the same “I”. Just realisation of this fact brings about a huge change in the body-mind and in the world, clearly then if this was to take place within each and every body-mind the world would change.

How to bring this about is not so difficult in the mechanics of things but in the actualising of it this is probably the most difficult thing that you can do. We live in a conceptual reality, seeing the world through concepts, of which the biggest concept is “ME” the ego, and because of this we have created a sense of separateness between our-self and our world, which in reality does not exist. The answer is to remove this imaginary separation. When the mind is in one of its many stories we are in the conceptual reality, which in fact is not real at all. When the attention is on the feeling prior to the story in the mind we are in a perceptual reality and it is here things begin to change. When we live in conceptualising we are lost in and ruled by the intellect, when we live in the perceptual world we are reliant on our intuition. The intellect is the male aspect of man and the intuition is its female counterpart; when these two are interdependent upon one another then things begin to get clear about our-self and our world. This however is not the final place of rest. Our true power to change things is in the dissolution of the intellect and the intuition in SEEING. In SEEING we ARE the source of all that is and at the same time we ARE all that is.

So we begin by bringing the attention away from the intellect, the conceptual stories, to become conscious of the feeling that first appears before the story. By remaining attentive to the feeling the story begins to come to an end, when there is no story there is the root of the story, the feeling prior to it, and it is here that the transcendence into Oneness begins to take place.

When attention is given wholly to the feeling, the percept, one becomes conscious of the feeling as an object which is receiving attention from a subject. As this is noticed the apparent two separate polarities lose their driving force and collapse into one another to become a neutrality. This leaves us in SEEING. The outer circumstances which have led to this moment immediately begin to change as they are no longer required in that particular way in order to bring the attention to this SEEING. The world which is a reflection of what has been happening in consciousness prior to this moment then changes. Any action that arises from this SEEING will be pure action, spontaneous action, neither a response nor a reaction, and this action will have its effect in a way that is best for all. This action does not arise from the “ME” but from the true “I”, pure action directly from the source.

Any and all feelings which are present prior to the mental stories can be viewed in this way and used in this way, to bring one to this SEEING beyond the duality of object and subject, “ME” and my world. When the subject and object dissolve into one another there is Oneness and your world reflects your view of yourself as THE Self.

Yes the world presently seems crazy BECAUSE your view of yourself is crazy. Realise what you are and this craziness will disappear. It is ONE consciousness and so all who are involved in the game of human experience and the world are playing their part perfectly through the ego concept to create the necessary that is needed to turn attention about to seek its source, Awareness. All those involved with the negative activity that is happening and the positive activity that is happening are serving mass enlightenment. It is ONE consciousness.

Any deliberate action, either as a reaction or a response, will be from the ego concept that you hold of yourself. Egoic action is an interference as its desire is to avoid. Only pure action will bring about the desired result that will enable all to awaken. Pure action only happens when your view of yourself is pure.

Fear is a feeling, helplessness is a feeling, hopelessness is a feeling, what we have done is create strategies, habitual patterns in our minds, to avoid feeling these particular feelings. Any action that arises from the avoidance of feeling these fully will create further separation; it is only by being able to be present to such feelings that we can go beyond them and de-structure these habitual patterns which create the sense of separation that we see in our world.

If the world is to change in a way that benefits all then realisation of what you are is the ONLY way.

Realise what you are and when you SEE that you are the Stillness behind all the action of the world the change will take place. By Being Stillness all things will be done.

Chapter 48 of the Tao Te Ching

In the pursuit of learning, every day something is acquired.
In the pursuit of Tao, every day something is dropped.
Less and less is done
Until non-action is achieved.
When nothing is done, nothing is left undone.
The world is ruled by letting things take their course.
It cannot be ruled by interfering.”

Lao Tzu


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