THIS, the Source

From where do thoughts arise? if the Source of thoughts is known, intuitively understood, the seeking ends. The activity that is refered to as thought or feeling appears out of and within non-action and is witnessed by this non-action. This non-action is their Source. Regardless of what the content of this that we call mind is it is always witnessed by this which it appears out of and within, the Source, No-mind.

When thoughts or feelings appear they are recognized by you , this “you” is the non-action that brings them into play and within which they appear temporarily and within which they again dissolve, leaving behind Nothing , the Source. You are the source of these temporary activities, you are permanent, unchanging Awareness.
There is not one human being on this planet that is not familiar with thoughts and feelings, there is therefore not one human being that is not familair with the Source of these activities. The Source is familiar to all, more familiar than the activities that arise within it for they come and go but their Source is everpresent.
If the Source arises as the activity of seeking it seeks itself as an activity, a thing, a thought or feeling, an experience, but as it itself is not these temporary appearances these then do not satisfy and do not bring an end to the seeking. After giving attention to these activities again and again over time, and finding them lacking, a disbelief in experiences holding the answer that is being sought sets in. This then leads to seeing what is present prior to the activity arising. It is also seen that this is present during and after the action, it is then recognized to be everpresent. This then begins to hold the attention on itself naturally, without any effort or method of any kind.
When this is seen it is self evident that this is what was being sought, this itself was what was all along seeking itself as a something, an activity, an experience and in the process bringing those activities into play. This that is forever present, the Eternal Awareness that has always been the witness of everything, is what one is, was and therefore always shall be. Totally familiar, ordinary, nothing special, I.
One is always this, this is all that there is, Nothing giving rise to the temporary appearance of everything which is no other than its own activity.
Now forget these words and allow the attention to be present on this that is witnessing the activity of thought and feeling. THIS is I, this is what has been sought, this is what has been seeking itself and this is what you are.

In Love and laughter


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