Mass enlightenment

There is much talk at present about mass awakening, enlightenment, which previously appears to have been quite rare, becoming the norm.

It may be that this will, or even is, taking place but prior to its taking place at the so called individual level there are a lot of assumptions as to what this would mean. For sure it would bring about a change in human consciousness and a more open and loving relationship between human beings and also with the earth itself for it is impossible to rest in the realization of Oneness and act as if duality was true.

The fact however remains that Oneness is always, already, the case and so in that sense mass enlightenment has and is already happening, it always has been. There is only enlightenment, the play of Oneness manifesting as apparent twoness.

All that is required is that we see clearly that there is no WE, the whole concept of whatever WE applies to is based upon the assumption of separation. We are not many MEs living in separate forms but the exact same One in all and as this is the fact of the situation Oneness is already the case.

What you relate to when you use the word me is what I relate to when it is used here, it is in fact the same One relating to itself. Whenever the word I or ME is used, whether verbally or as a thought arising, it is the One referring to itself. What is related to is the silent Awareness out of which the action of meing appears and into which it dissolves again, out of silence into silence. This is always already the case.

Waiting upon time to produce enlightenment or mass awakening in this case is not a necessity for it is not in any way dependent upon time. The timeless has always been and is always timeless, it is outside of time, prior to it in a sense ,and as such is the very stuff that time has its existence in.

YOU are this timelessness, you are here now, nothing more needs to be added to this to make it more enlightened and as this is already the fact mass enlightenment is therefore already the case. It has already happen, it is always happening, we are already One.

Awaken to this realization of what already is and the world will awaken. The world of imagined others is enlightened in your enlightenment.


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