The key to acceptance


Dear Avasa, to accept this moment as it is including the ego, screams and cries, and all that is, what has to do with the bringing of the attention on yourself?

There is no one that can accept the moment but acceptance of the moment can happen.
When it takes place it does so because the attention is no longer primarily on the created object but on this that is prior to the object, the subject, the Self. Once the Self is seen the acceptance follows as a consequence.
When our attention is solely on the object there will be identification with the object and in that relationship there arises the game of a “me” either not accepting or trying to accept. Obviously neither of these can be true acceptance because there is a wanting of something from these taking place. In this there is the overlooking of the Self.
When the attention is on the Self there is no requirement for things to be other than just as they are because there is nothing to gain from either of these being different. When the Self is seen everything is seen to be just as it is with nothing to gain.
This is then acceptance.
With Love Avasa

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