Hopeless and helpless

hopeless helpless

“Also when the imaginary you feels to be hopeless and helpless there is just helplessness and hopelessness that is happening” Avasa

This is what happens, right here, right now, that a me claims for a child that “thinks” to be.,, it is many, too many years that i dont find peace in this reasoning… Then i am told that i must go through the end of the emotion that happens… To find out that everything dissolves into nothingness. The point is that it is right this the way in which (I) interpretate what it does happen… Meantime my life is broken out, and i dont really know what to do with myself.

If it is possible let Life unfold.
Yes it is a fact that if one can allow all that is felt to be felt fully it will dissolve
into non-feeling, Emptiness ….BUT….. This can only happen on its own and cannot be
made to happen as in Truth their is no one to make it happen.
There is nothing wrong with feeling helplessness and hopelessness if there is the ability
to stay with the feelings without going into the story that the mind for sure will try to
put to accompany those feelings as it tries to analyse what is happening.
This can and does happen but no one can do it.
Love to you Avasa

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