The Advaita message

the advaita message

I notice from your website that you didn’t follow a ‘path’ but that awakening took place naturally, which is encouraging.

Once you begin to understand the Advaita message you will see that there is no path as one already is what one is seeking.
What one is is no-thing and it is out of this still no-thing the action of seeking arises with the intention of finding itself as some-thing so of course as long as the seeking continues then the coming to rest in what is prior to the action, the self, cannot take place hence the concept of a path.
We try many different approaches when we become conscious that seeking has begun and assume that what we seek is other than right where we are and so all attempts to get to what is believed is elsewhere in another moment are destined to fail.
That failure finally is the releasing of the seeking action, by no one, what remains then is recognised to have always been present and seen to be what one is. It is actually so simple but the mind tells otherwise, even to imply that it is simple is to imagine that it can be done by someone but it cannot as the idea that one is someone is what has to drop, it has to take place naturally no method done by the imagined someone can remove the someone.


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