Inner and outer world

Dear Avasa
I live moment of wonder, it happens to walk thtough the city and meeting people withi which i look deeply in the eyes and in those moments I feel like disappearing or sometimes something gives me the feeling of a recal, the trees or the plants give me a feeling of intense peace in the heart, it is like the plants or the trees let me the possibility open. The question is WHY WE DO NOT ALL EXPERIENCE THIS FEELING OF WONDER CONSTANTLY ALL TOGHETER?
I want so much to learn life!!!
a dear loving salute

This question is one I have asked myself for many years and the answer that has come is – because we are not yet ready to live in the seeing of Oneness.
It is strange that Oneness is all that there is and within this there is the deep belief in duality that is itself an activity of Oneness.
Oneness is therefore already the case and the belief in twoness is also Oneness manifesting.
When one is open and able to meet a new person with no expectations other than they allow the same meeting from their side then this is the very best that one can be in relation to the possibilty of the whole of humanity coming into this seeing.
Much Love to you Avasa

I feel all the pain and evil that i have done and it is reflected in the world, it is breaking my heart, i feel all the time that i let my God to be the best, i ask forgiveness for every  war, that i amange to cause, i was just unaware. I have no intention to escape from this….. ALL THIS WAR IS INSIDE OF ME? a hug

Just do not take is personally as this war is in all of us as we are all the same One Being, one consciousness.
The desire for this craziness to end is all that is required for the gestalt to change so that a different way of relating will come about in the future.
The realisation of what we are is the fuel that gives this desire its ability to manifest.
The greatest good that can be done for mankind is the greatest good that one can do for oneself, realise what one is, this is the highest!
A big hug

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