Living for no reason

living no reason

Beloved Master, lately I feel the need to die, I feel suffering, and it is this “me” that pops up every day telling me that cannot manage anymore to find a good reason.
But when I feel I am losing myself, a strong fear takes me over…But how is possible to feel love. Thank you from my Heart

First one must be clear that it is the “me” that is required to die, NOT the body.
If the body dies of course “me” dies too but what a waste of what might otherwise be a good life experience.
The message is for the “me” to die INTO Life, to lose itself utterly in the experience of the body/mind and dissolve.
Remember that the “me” is just a concept, a very strong one, that is a thought in the mind and nothing more.
As you say in order for this “me” to survive it needs reasons and purposes etc because without such things it cannot maintain the illusion of itself.
So Life now is asking you to live without reasons and purposes, in the losing of these a deeper peace will reveal itself.
The fear felt is the dying of this “me” concept so let it unfold, it will anyway without the permission of the “me” if it is time for this dissolution to take place.
Much Love to you



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