The master

Q: Why words of some masters differ the one from the others or even contradict themselves in certain cases?

A: The word MASTER is not always used in the correct context.
When you really begin to see clearly the truth of yourself many of these spiritual heroes fall away.

Many of them have had a glimpse at some time or other but are not settled in it so it has become a memory of something that the mind has now taken up residence in. The balancing of that glimpse into every moment seeing is not a memory and when talking manifests from that seeing it is very different from what many so-called masters are saying.

Talking from a glimpse may well carry with it some words that resonate but this is not the same when the words are arising from the SEEING  of what one is.

In truth both of these that you mention are appearing as a reflection of your own consciousness, they are where you are within yourself, your consciousness, where there is still a seeing from the split mind as opposed to the whole mind. They are a reflection. Just be conscious of the feeling within yourself that you hold of them individually and it will become clear. You are looking at your own dream of manifestation.

Love love Avasa

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