When the body dies you will be as you are right now minus a body/mind

If it is true that we are just awareness that recognizes itself through a body and therefore there is nobody, why even for you awakened people the pain remain a personal thing? Should not the self recognized awareness in the awakened body perceive any emotional and physical vibe present in these bodies as if it was managing just one of them?

And if there is nobody but just awareness when this body will die it will come back to its potential state? Because if it is like that ot is not funny at all. Should not this be equivalent to non existing at all?

There are a lot of ideas about what enlightenment is and one idea that accompanies them is the idea that once awakening has occurred pain should not be felt.
Pain is a bodily sensation and as long as the body is alive and functioning in a balanced way pain IS felt. It is an experience which requires a body AND mind to be experienced, what witnesses the pain however is Awareness, always.
The so called enlightened PERSON, of which there is no such thing, experiences things in EXACTLY the same way as any other human form whilst the form is alive. Where awakening has taken place there is no idea that one has something that most others do not, all that has actually taken place is that the background has been recognized to be what one truly is, the subject, NOT the objects that appear within it. This is always already the case for all human forms even if it is not recognized to be so.
Your potential state is ALREADY the case, it is NOT something you become but what you ARE right now. When the body dies you will be as you are right now minus a body/mind, Awareness is NOT a created object so it cannot die as it was never born.
Do you exist or non-exist in deep sleep? You ALWAYS exist, even when no objectivity does.
I dont know if it is funny or not but it is the way it is LOL which once seen tends to make the experience of Life more precious and also more humorous.
None of this (creation) need ever have taken place but it did …… so there is a sense that it needs to be fully experienced to the best of the ability of the body/mind . It is a one off, not to be missed, no rehearsals and no repeats.
Much love avasa

hi and thank you for your kind reply. you say that death is similar to deep sleep, but then you are confirming me that once dead there is still awareness but there is no self realization. this, i’m sorry to insist, it is equivalent to non existing. It remains to understand why certain people do have out of body experiences seen that as you say the body is the only tool through which this awareness can become aware of itself. I dont expect another reply, mine are just consideration. I thank you again for your kindness, and i send you my best wishes,

What makes death and deep sleep similar is the fact that what is present in both cases is what you see as non-existence. The absence of subject and object Is neither existence nor non-existence. When the play of the creation is experienced it is experienced because the subject is bringing into play the object as an activity of itself, the subject is Awareness and is non-objective in itself whether the world is appearing or not. When there is no objectivity there can be no subjectivity either, there is therefore no-thing, which, we name Awareness when it brings into play the objectivity of the world. Non-existence cannot be formulated conceptually unless what we call existence is present. When existence is no longer manifesting there is only pure subjectivity that is not even aware of itself as anything at all.
Love to you Avasa

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