The desire to let go

desire to let go

If “i” cannot do anything but live spontanously, knwing that this will bring to bad consequences to my life, is anyway “right” doing it? Or is this just another trick of the mind to obtain what it wants?One could say that what is waiting for me is an unhappy destiny as much as the life that i am living?
I want to say that what i could do if i let go would not harm anyone but my ego, but this as a consequence would make suffer the people i love.
Thank u in advance

You would not have time to get worried if it appears suddenly and the mind does not sense it arriving.

You cannot do ANYTHING, this includes living spontaneously, LOL Because there is no you doing anything ever. Maybe a bad consequence would occur and maybe not, this is the mind trying to trap you into identification again. Notice how its stories are always about the future so you get attracted away from the moment.

I would say that actually living in spontaneity can bring only good. This anyway is not about what is right or wrong which is all conditional thinking, it is about what happens HAPPENING! there is no choice and no one to make such a thing. You are not living Life , Life is living you. It always has lived that body and it always will, the apparent you does not even come into the picture except as a thought form arising.

It may hurt others but only their ego can be hurt and as that is the very thing they pray for daily to be released from, why be concerned about their egos? People will go through what they have to go through and that is not your business, if they go through it they too will be released from the ego concept. You cannot protect anyone from themselves. This concern for others is not Love so dont be fooled it is taught conditional behaviour that carries with it a sense of duty.

Anyway if awakening is to take place it will do so and you have no say in it and if those around you react then that is the way it is and is supposed to be, all perfect.
Only egos get hurt, when there is the ability to say YES to life then where is the one that resists, where is the suffering?
You are correct this is the mind trying to trap you into identifying.

Much Love



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