The sound of silence

The sound of silence…. Mine is a pulsating buzz…. How could be the sound of silence? It seems to be something external to me, and at the same time is inside of me… For sure I am aware of it, so it comes from Consciousness – Silence. What does this wanna say to me? That I am that sound?

When one first becomes aware of it yes it is as you describe, if the attention remains on it then it becomes more clear that it is in fact the SOUND of silence and NOT the silence itself.
This buzz is the first vibration that arises from the stillness of the true silence, this is the Aum and all other vibrations that appear as our experience of Life are variations of this initial vibration that then vibrates above and below itself to appear as all that the senses experience. It is all One.

It SEEMS to be external because there is the idea that there is an inside that is separate from an imagined outside.
Yet , as you say, also inside of you.
In fact it IS inside of you because in Truth you are the Whole and all that is experienced is being experienced INSIDE of you, you yourself are the non-experience within which everything is happening.

No! Not that you are the sound but THIS silence that hears the sound that it is creating
The sound is like an index finger pointing to the silence
Object to subject.
The object can and does disappear but the silence NEVER:
You are eternal


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