The deepest desire

It would be beautiful to hear you speaking about desire.

Our deepest desire is the desire to be desireless, empty.

All other desires which are for “things” stem from this and the inability to see that this is the deepest desire.

When we obtain a desired object we are for a short while free of desire and are again in contact with our homeground, emptiness.

The belief that has been handed down to us, that we obtain happiness from attaining “things”, however is a very strong conditioning and so in a short while the mind again begins its habit of seeking and again we are focused on an object that we imagine will give us what only by remaining attentive to Emptiness can give.

This game begins to come to an end when it is realised that our true desire is to be desireless.
What appears as imagined personal action is not dependant upon desire, the actions are impersonal and continue when desire falls away in the seeing that one is and has everything.



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