Stay with the sensation

What should I do, pratically, to stay with the sensations and let them be fully lived, should i listen only on a phisical level or should i feel them ” emotionaly” because emotionally i cannot feeel them i must think them!! Sorry but as u must haveunderstood i am a bit of a goofy about this subject …thank u.

We are all goofies trying to ungoofy ourselves
As a human experience we are made up of 3 parts essentially
1….. A bodily form
2….. A mind, which consist of feelings and thoughts
3….. This that is aware of them existing

If we look a little more closely at the mind we will see that thoughts arrive in consciousness AFTER feelings NOT before. Due to our conditioning and schooling we have been trained to miss the sensation and quickly jump to the story of the thoughts and this has led us to become separated from our world.

When we were very young we were FEELING beings NOT thinking beings and in that we were sensetive to our world as an extension of ourselves.

If you find the mental too much the answer is to withdraw the attention from it to what underlies it, the prior sensation, when one is able to do this easily then one becomes aware of the awareness prior to the sensations. One then begins to establish contact with this and at a certain moment one sees that this is actually what one is, NOT the body/mind but the eternal awareness prior to the sensations and the thoughts , and of course what is then obvious is that everyone is actually this One Awareness. This Awareness is ALWAYS ALREADY present as what is witnessing the mind and the body.

You are already this Awareness and this is the Truth. As this One you are the creator of the play of Life.

Do not hesitate to question everything and anything stated by anyone else to the point that it is YOUR truth.

Much Love


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