A leap into the Void


Staying with it, living it, instead of avoiding it even it is unpleasant.
Staying with the sensation does not risk to bring you to identify with it?
Identifying with it means to go from bad to worse…
in other words from identifying with the body to the identifycation with the sensation, with a state of being (I dont think you mean this).
Today infact Ive read an essay in which you explain better this art:
” So the reply it is simply to stay at the level of sensation that is there BEFORE the mental stories, that come from the story itself”.
That level that is before the sensation is Consciousness (feeling of being, I amness), right?
I expect (I dont know) that the level is also before the mind that give birth to that mental stories.
Therefore, neither the mind or the body (that is where the sensations are are) can lead me to This.
What a mess!

If we go into a story about something it begins with a feeling, the feeling is the root.
If we see the story beginning and stay focused on the feeling prior to it then things
unfold in a way that the feeling returns to what is prior to it, nothing!
Of course the mind will try to jump in during the process and do the job, just allowing
the feeling to be present without doing anything with it is the answer. Doing nothing with
it also means not wanting it to go away or unfold into something that the mind would
prefer so it is a total acceptance of the feeling just as it is. It will then dissolve and
the focus is on the prior emptiness.
The difficult bit is that it can, and does, happen but it cannot be made to happen, in
other words it takes place when there is no one present to do it.
With love Avasa

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