Q: Is it useful the meditation to wake up to what one is?

A: Meditation is neither useless nor helpful in knowing what you are, if it is happening then it is happening, just that. It serves no purpose towards the realization of what you are but it may quieten the mind. It is not necessary to quieten the mind before the Self is realized anyway.

Your natural state, which is not a state at all, is what is present right now but if seeking arises in it as an activity of consciousness there is the tendency for attention to go to the activity and maybe follow it. In this case the attention is actually moving away from what is always present, the Self. So any seeking taken up moves away from the answer.

By simply being attentive to what is already present no seeking needs to take place but of course if what is permanently present is not recognised then teh following of the seeking action will probably appeal.
Whatever is done is not done by anyone anyway, it is simply activity arising from the stillness of Self.

Love avasa

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