What changes with the Enlightenment

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Hi Avasa,
Can you give me your opinion on my vision of the reality.
When I will have the gift of Enlightenment I will have anymore problems with sex and
I will have no problems with health and no problem with money or of any other sort.
This at times seems to be the message that comes to me, but what I feel true is that all can change or not at a “pratical” level but the only things that is changing is the seeing that you are not the body mind to which seem to happen “good things or bad things” that can be perceived and at the end to see that they are not problems but the play happening. If you can give me your opinion.

It is not that the problems disappear but that the one who had them disappears. All is recognised to be in balance and so good and bad no longer are seen as opposites but rather more as dancing partners.
When there is clear seeing there is also acceptance and in that acceptance there is simply action that arises
without the mind dictating whether it is the right action of the wrong one, there is spontaneous action of the body/mind to the circumstances.
Much Love



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