One Liners, a collection of quotes

Simple words for a simple message.
As an arrow goes straight to its target so these lines point to the same place that they come from, from Self to Self.
Let the Truth of these words overwhelm all the ideas about yourself and your world, to dissolve the illusion that never took away What you are. As a wave on the sea, always at home.


With elegance, intelligence and humour Avasa’s words hit the centerless center of our Being, like arrows darted off from Silence itself. A little book to sip slowly like a good old wine, whose aroma arises immediately to unfold afterwards in new and deeper understandings, pointing relentlessly to the reader to be actually the true author of what has been read.

Shakti Caterina Maggi

One Liners, a collection of quotes by Bodhi Avasa – click here to download

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