Between my finger and my thumb

Every sentence is pure freedom and we are called to allow that freedom to enter in our lives. The spaces between the lines in the essays are an invitation for the reader to realize the truth that is behind each paragraph. The conclusion is not at the end but in every understanding that arise during the reading.


“Between my finger and my thumb I held the moon”… This book speaks about a time in which you were not disconnected by what was around you, a time in which the illusion of fear and suffering were not dictating your days and guiding your life. It points to the ever-present possibility to see again what is true of us, right now and arguments that in a sense the only thing stopping this to be recognized it is the illusion of not being so. It guides the reader through and out the many mind’s mazes, showing that nobody is actually ever imprisoned or bounded by anything, not even by the size of a body or the length of a lifetime. This books reveal the absolute freedom of one-Self from any concept or image the mind holds about itself, from one’s own story and dramas, included those desperate ones about enlightenment or self-realization. It states clearly and practically about the fact that nobody is actually here, not even writing these words or reading them right now.”

Shakti Caterina Maggi

Between my finger and my thumb by Bodhi Avasa – click here to download

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