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I agree what you say, in the sense that I know that what you say is part of your experience and is reale, but as much as I mae an effort, I have no idea of what you really want to say, because the form though which One is manifesting (in order words me) is not awakened, otherwise there would be any problem. I accept the fact that there is one Oneness that is manifesting through various forms, but to be able to speak about awakening maybe must be experimented from each various form, otherwise why on a certin point a particular form understand the Reality of what is and instead others keep on being outside of it? It must necessarily happen something in order for this to happen and if it happens for me and you remain in the sleeping, this Onness maybe is fragmented in itself and its complete awakening can happen only in the awakening of “all” forms, through which is manifesting itself. There is just One and this is seen just throughcertain forms, why not by all? Which is the difference between a form and another? The Love of Oneness is manifestiung through the single forms, what has been happening?, if all is already Enlightenment?

If you imagine you are the body/mind you have limited yourself to that way of seeing yourself.
In that way of seeing it appears as if there are many others in many other body/minds
The moment that you see what you actually are it is obvious that there are no others, all is yourself.
So from the point of view where you see yourself as the body/mind separation appears to be true
When one sees oneself without a location one is everything, everywhere, in all things.
This means that one was always the One but did not see this, nevertheless one was and always is this that is in and appearing as all.

In some forms the Self is not recognised because of identification with the body/mind and in some that identification is no longer present.
Which ever is the case it is happening always to the One. There is only the One.


If i imagine to be the body/mind, then you can also imagine of not being it and in THAT CASE I would see Oneness. Then something MUST happen, and who would make it happen? If there is nobody there to do anything? ” When one sees oneself without a location..” WHO IS THE ONE THAT IS SEEING?  My mind (!) cannot do anything but to bow in front of such mystery…

The One that is seeing is not a WHO, there is still in what is said here the concept of someone seeing, there is no one, just seeing happening.
The body is SEEN, the mind is SEEN, but what is doing this seeing is neither the body nor the mind, it is nothing, emptiness.
Of course this is difficult to grasp intellectually, in fact it is impossible to be grasped, it has to be SEEN.
Yes of course you can (and do) imagine yourself to be the body/mind and you can also imagine you are not that but both of those are mind games, they are not seeing. In seeing there is no effort and no one doing it.
No one can make this happen because there is no one LOL I know it is frustrating when you really want to understand it and that is good because that frustration is needed, it is a requirement that brings about the giving up of imagining this can be done by the ego.
When awakening happens it happens, there is no one present to make it happen.
The eye blinks , it happens, it does not require that someone makes it happen.
What is being felt there is happening, if there was someone in control would they choose what is happening, I think not!
A hug



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