Ego, the only disease

Since that some people speak about quantum medicine, could we speak about an Advaitic medicine?

Most illness is brought about by imbalance of the psyche. The psychological patterns based around the ego concept create energy to move in a confused way. When it is clear what one is these patterns begin to balance and harmonise, however this could take a lifetime so if perfect health of the body is what is being awaited one could be waiting a long time LOL

Illness is no longer seen in the way that it once was, it is not fought, and there is no projection of a “better” condition of the body of yesterday or tomorrow. There is much more acceptance and tolerance to pain etc so in this way it could be said that the SEEING of what one is changes the gestalt at the psychological level which then obviously gives a totally different way of experiencing illness and accepting it.

Medicine seems to be moving in the right direction with emphasis on frequency and away from chemicals. Even in this more advanced direction it is believed that a huge percentage of what is being used as a method is placebo. It may soon be realised that it is ALL placebo and that illness does not have to exist at all. I have seen illnesses that disappeared in a way that I could only term miraculous. One minute present and next minute GONE!

The real illness that I see as the one to deal with is the mistaking of what we are for what we are not. It is for this reason I did not pursue the healing of the body/mind. True healing seen from this realisation is the healing of this perception of our Self.


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