Me + You = One

What does Life actually consist of? I am not talking about our so-called private, personal lives but Life as a whole.

In order for you or I to experience Life there  must be two things present, an experience and an experience-er. Regardless of what is experienced, negative or positive, these apparent two things have to be in place, without them there would be no experience.

What should be clear to us, yet for some reason is not, is that we experience our body in the same way that we experience any other object, as a thing. Somehow we have got a bit misidentified with the experience and lost sight of the experiencer and we barely notice this fact. I claim that the body is what I am when in fact this is not my first-hand experience. My first-hand experience is that “I”, whatever this is, is not the body but what knows of the body as an experience.

I experience the world, of which my body is a part, and so obviously I am the experiencer yet somehow I have fallen into a case of mistaken identity and claim that the body, which is my experience, is what I am. If I claim this to be true I am claiming that I am an object just as every other thing in my world is an object. Yet it is clear that the object is not the experiencer but the experience. ALL experiences of my world, including my body, are EXPERIENCED and they are experienced by an EXPERIENCE-ER.

So if the body itself is not what “I” am then “I” must be something apart from the body that is in itself absent of any experience. As the subject of all objectified experience, and all experience IS objectified, “I” must be the subject and as this subjective “I” myself cannot be an object. I am not an object and therefore cannot be an experience in myself but the absence of experience.  As the absence of experience I am therefore in myself a non-experience which can take in all the experiences of Life, of my world. This has to be true for every human being. We, each one of us, whilst appearing to be separate objects, are actually non-experience experiencing the world through a human form which is part of our experience. We therefore are not the body itself.

The body is an instrument for experiencing the human experience. Without it “I” could not experience Love, joy, sadness, pain, sympathy for apparent others or any of the other experiences that make up a human experience. This incredibly intricate and complex vehicle that “I”, the non-experience, needs in order to experience Life is this object that I have mistakenly been calling “I”.

“I” am no more this body than than my car is “I” when if I forget that the body is driving it. “I” am what appears to be inside the body as a non-experience. Somehow this very obvious fact has been overlooked which is strange somehow as it should be most obvious.

If I look for myself as this non-experience, this “I”, what do I find? Certainly not an experience! In fact nothing , or rather no-thing, is to BE found. I see that I am absent of thing-ness. “I” am not a feeling or a taste or a smell or a sound or an colour or shape, all of which can be described as objects, but the absence of such things. I am a sort of presence of some sort which “I” sort of know is present but as what? I have no idea, I cannot describe this, yet it is obvious that this that has no description, but is aware of itself, is what I am. I am No-thing.

This therefore must be the same for all human forms, this non-experience living through the experienced form and experiencing the world. If this is so, and it is! This is where I fully meet others for here I AM the apparent others.  This “I” and the “I” of the apparent other is the same I.

In seeing my SELF to be “I” I see that all other are this same “I”. So although my outer experience of the world is that it is full of OTHER people my inner experience is that all the OTHERS are no other than my Self. We are all the same Self, One-Self, one`s true Self is ONE Self !

All my imagined problems with “others” have been based upon a wrong identification. All my so –called personal problems have been based on this idea that I was a limited being within a body when the Truth is “I” am in all bodies, I am unlimited. All of the human problems therefore are also this. The problem of conflict , war, hatred and all those activities based upon the sense of separation between imagined others dissolve here in this realization that “WE”, which itself is an illusion , are all “I”, all are the same Self functioning through all the forms.

All the problems of mankind are based upon this wrong assumption of separation, this wrong identification with one`s self. It is all based on a case of mistaken identity.

The only way therefore to solve ALL the problems, both the personal AND the problems of ALL humanity and at the international level, is to see clearly what “I” is. When I know that I am you and you are I, that we all are “I”, finally Love is true of us. When action then arises from the conscious recognition of this Love all action will serve both one`s self and the One-Self.

The realization and awakening to what we are is the answer to ALL of humanity`s problems.

Are you the experience or the One that is experiencing? Look for your Self because only you have the authority to state the answer. Is what we call “I” a thing or the aware no-thing-ness that is reading these words right now THROUGH the body.

If you SEE this clearly then you have just realised that what you have read is your own message to yourself. Welcome back home, to the place that you have never left !!!

“Least aware of what he should be most assured, His glassy essence”

William Shakespeare


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