No Separation

We live in a society that holds as its main belief the concept of separation, the idea that you and I are separate from one another. This idea has carried with it a price that has cost us a lot and will cost us everything if it continues, the death of the human race.

The whole way that we are brought up within our society by our parents and teachers, our religious figures and our governments is based upon this idea of separation and yet there is no evidence whatsoever to substantiate this belief. We have a huge trust in science and where it is leading us and yet science itself as it gets closer to what is seeking, the Source, finds less and less proof that separation exists ANYWHERE.

Throughout the history of mankind there have been people who have stepped to the forefront of the norm of their time and challenged the accepted way of thinking. Their message in each and every case was the same — separation is not an actuality.

The cost of upholding this idea that we are separate beings is reflected in our world as the many wars that exist and the suffering at a so called personal level that is prevailant in our societies on every level. It does NOT have to be this way and in fact it can change very easily, by SEEING what we actually are behind all these beliefs.

A belief is a thought that has been identified with due to the fact that once one no longer knows one’s Self directly, it is natural to try to find one’s identity once one has lost sight of it. Beliefs are created in an attempt to find ones Self again as something permanent, something real.

All human beings, regardless, are made up of three things. A physical body, a mind and something intangible called Awareness. This is always the case if the human experience is taking place.

The first we all know as it is very clearly on display, the second we know but it is not always so clear and obvious as the former but the third, Awareness, barely gets our attention, which is somewhat strange as it is the only permanent of these three. Body and mind come and go, as in deep sleep, but the Awareness is everpresent.

Why then , we may ask ourselves, is this which is always, already present so unknown? The answer is simple. It is NOT a THING. Awareness has no form or colour or description of any sort whatsoever, yet it IS. Without this presence of Awareness there would be no ability to experience anything at all.

Clearly this Awareness is therefore of tremendous importance. It is this that we must come to know again so that it is no longer overlooked. When we overlook this Awareness we, as this Awareness, seek to find ourself by identifying with the objects that appear within it, the body and the mind. We then take ourself to be a finite THING and suffer the consequences of doing so, we create a false identity and from that we live a reality that is false.

Take a look right now at your immediate experience, Body, Mind and something that sees them appearing and ask yourself – Which of these three is permanent, which of these is the seer of the two that are seen?

YOU are the seer, the Awareness that witnesses the appearance of the body and mind. As this that sees you are No-Thing, an aware presence that is absent of thingness and therefore has no description, you just ARE. This Awareness is the same One in all human beings, the bodies and the play of the mind vary but this Awareness is the exact same One. As this Awareness again begins to include itself in on the deal of identification it becomes more and more clear that the mind and the body are the vehicles by which experience can be had but one is NOT these things. In a short time the attention naturally returns to this Awareness in between moments of habitual identification with the body/mind until there is a stabilising in this Awareness and the clear conscious realisation that one IS this.

The problem of wrong identification falls away and with it all so called personal suffering. Life then is seen in a totally different way and seen to be One with one’s Self. This is the direction that society MUST take in order for the human species to continue.

It need not be difficult because all that is necessary to bring this way of seeing into being the norm is already present. It requires only that we drop all our silly beliefs and SEE what IS. Body, mind AND this that is everpresent, the Eternal, our SELF.

This is what all those whose message was shared with the intention of removing the sense of separation pointed to. This has always been the answer, it is not Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic or any other religious name it has been given. When it was shared it was being shared directly from the One, the SAME One regardless of time or place. When you awaken to the Truth of the One that you ACTUALLY are it will be the SAME One that awakened in those whose message became the religions that have become the beliefs that now hold us back from the seeing of this Oneness. Their insistence was always that this realisation had to become your own or otherwise it remained a belief and would not serve you or mankind in any way that removed the sense of separation.

When this realisation takes place it is NOT a belief, it is Self evident and Self confirming. When you SEE the One that you truly are then you see also in that same instance that all apparent ‘others’ are no other than yourself, Love.

Love knows no separation.


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