When speaking takes place it is always to you.
When hearing takes place that is you too.
The I that speaks is the I that hears.
That is the fact down all of these years.
There is no one else, there was no one there,
No one is here with no one to share
And this is the beauty this is the key
That unlocks the mind that is trying to see.
The truth is the I is always empty, alone,
Awaiting that moment when it stands on its own,
Knowing its self to be the only one.
When this takes place the seeking is done.
The speaking continues without worry or care
As I tell to myself there is nothing to share
And no one to share it with, yet it goes on,
For love is the player and for love it is fun.
This nothing is changing and goes on forever,
Bringing apparent pieces in oneness together
‘Til finally ’tis seen with a single eye
That all dissolves into itself bye and bye.
Leaving no memory, leaving no trace
Of the one long imagined whilst wearing a face.
It is seen all was always just an action of grace.